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Articles by Leigh Au

Specialty Teddy Bears No Longer Bank Breakers (12/1/2005)
Now, even the budget-strapped can find collectible-quality, manufactured bears within their price-range.

Where Is Samoa? These Geography Toys Will Help (9/1/2005)
The word "geography" often conjures up images of pull-down world maps, rubber-tipped pointers and blank map quizzes. It doesn’t bring to mind innovative, educational play things. Some manufacturers are trying to change that.

Copernicus Toys Makes Kits for Kids With Vision (9/1/2005)
During a tight period of the business cycle in the early ‘80s, natural food store owners Ellen and Harris Tobias diversified their store´s offerings to include made-in-China tin wind-up cars. Thirty years later, the Tobiases are focused on toys, heading Copernicus Toys.

Selling Kitty … or Not (8/1/2005)
With licensed products ranging from stationery to bed sheets to electronics devices, it seems safe to say that Hello Kitty fever continues to rise. Yet, while Sanrio dealers should be happy to sell the popular product, some are grumbling.

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