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Articles by Bridget White

Mass Market: Plain Puzzles Battle Electronics (4/1/2007)
Puzzles are one of the few areas where licensing has not played a major part in product design and marketing.

Toobee Fad Zooms On (3/1/2007)
What looks like a piece of scrap metal but sails through the air like a deranged Frisbee? It's called Toobee, The Amazing Flying Can

Mass Market: Combo Games (3/1/2007)
The modern idea of a game can include anything from traditional board games to cutting-edge video games to interactive DVD games

Micro Blow Revitalizes Plush (3/1/2007)
The introduction of first-generation motion-sensing toys more than 10 years ago created market demand for more intelligent, less expensive and easier-to-operate animated products

Halloween Goes Perennial (1/1/2007)
Costumes aren't just for Halloween, more than half of 22 specialty toy retailers told TDmonthly

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