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Articles by Lewis Helfand

Comics: Reinvented Classics Lead the Way (1/1/2008)
Looking for the hottest comics for 2008? Publishers, retailers and consumers all told TDmonthly Magazine that established characters are dominating the shelves by crossing into different mediums and launching new series … and they’re expected to explode even more this year.

Rubik’s and Trains Keep Electronics on Track (12/1/2007)
Wings don’t guarantee that a toy will fly off the shelves, but it’s a good place to start. Of the 17 retailers TDmonthly Magazine surveyed, 10 mentioned strong sales for RC aircraft.

How to Create a Licensed Character (10/1/2007)
It’s tough to create a character that connects with fans and successfully draws them to theaters, bookstores and Sunday comics.

How to Find and Develop a License (10/1/2007)
With thousands of available properties, from cartoons to comic books to big-screen icons, finding the right licensing match for your company and your target consumer requires research and patience.

Magnolia Floats Above the Competition (10/1/2007)
President and Owner Qi Liu of Magnolia Trading Company revealed to TDmonthly Magazine that she did not have a background in toys before starting the business and importing Chinese toys.

Paradoxy Products' Simple Puzzles Conceal Challenges (10/1/2007)
Paradoxy Products Founder Daniel Young always harbored a passion for designing and inventing, but as an international trade lawyer for more than 30 years, was far removed from the toy business

Becoming Ubiquitous (9/1/2007)
If you have a scintillating character you know would be a great licensed product, how do you go from idea to reality?

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