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Articles by Laurel DiGangi

Geospace Skyrockets to Success (4/1/2008)
After Magnetic Marbles launched into space aboard a U.S. Space Shuttle as part of NASA’s 1993 “Toys in Space II” program, the toy received a much-deserved name change: Geospace® Magnetic Marbles...

Boys Can be Crafty, Too (2/1/2008)
“Boys just aren’t that hot into arts and crafts right now,” said Teneen Dobbs, owner of Kit & Kaboodle in St. Carmel, Ind., during a recent TDmonthly Magazine survey of 66 specialty retailers.

Hobbies That “Work” Increase Sales (12/1/2007)
When 14 retailers were interviewed about hobby product sales, they had varying descriptions of the word “hobby.” Craft kits and art supplies were discussed, as well as toy ships, trains, planes, bikes, cars, kites, rockets, tanks and robots.

Selling “Time” Pays Off (12/1/2007)
The first prototype for a Mark-My-Time digital bookmark came out of Maureen Farinella’s constant struggle to track her children’s required reading times, she told TDmonthly Magazine.

Retailer Survey: Holiday Sales Soar High (12/1/2007)
The majority of the 79 retailers TDmonthly Magazine surveyed in early November anticipated a strong holiday selling season: 59 percent believe sales will be better than last year, 24 percent think sales will be the same, and 9 percent fear they’ll be worse.

Take Britney Home With You (9/1/2007)
It’s been more than 70 years since Shirley Temple and her namesake doll won America’s heart. But today, teen stars don’t always grow up maintaining a wholesome image.

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