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Articles by Paul A. Paterson

U.S. Die-Cast Manufacturers Hold the Line on Quality (3/1/2004)
Today, most die-cast products come from Asian manufacturers, something that concerns some members of the North American die-cast industry

Go West: 40th Annual Western Toy and Hobby Show (3/1/2004)
For more than 40 years, the Western Toy and Hobby Representatives Show has offered toy stores west of the Mississippi an alternative to the crowds and bustle of New York

Does Toy Fair Buzz Guarantee a Toy’s Success?
If you´re looking for the can´t-miss toy for 2004, you´re not alone

The Forecast for Specialty Toy Retailers (2/1/2004)
When TIA announced the first Fall Mass Market Toy Expo for the autumn show schedule, some in the industry wondered if the International Toy Fair was beginning to lose its luster...

Ravensburger’s Commitment to Quality Key to Longevity, Success (2/1/2004)
Even with over 30 years in business, Ravensburger is still a relatively new name to North American toy buyers

Toy Fair Trade Show Checklist
Attending the annual Toy Fair in New York City is a great way to make new contacts and reconnect with old ones...

Sophisticated Sets Draw New Builders to Construction Toys (1/1/2004)
Construction toys have been a part of childhood for as long as there’s been wood, stone or sand to build with...

Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair Sees Upswing in Attendance (1/1/2004)
For 64 years it´s been part of the Canadian toy industry calendar, and this year´s Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair should be as well-attended as ever...

Post-Holiday Sales Offer a Profitable Start to the New Year (1/1/2004)
The six weeks after Christmas are a bargain-hunter´s dream season. Smart retailers who plan for this event are cashing in, turning what was once the retail calendar’s dead zone into one of the most important sales periods of the year...

Kids’ Furniture Grows Up (12/1/2003)
Once limited to simple, functional styles, the range of choices in children´s furniture has exploded along with demand, thanks to a collection of new market forces...

Toy Industry Utilized Back-Up Plans to Thwart SARS Delays (12/1/2003)
It was the acronym that dominated the headlines through the spring and summer of 2003. But while the effects of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) captivated the world and ravaged countries throughout Asia, its impact on the toy industry was minimal

Graphic Novels Top Booksellers’ Hot List (12/1/2003)
At this year’s BookExpo in Los Angeles, one of the hottest topics was the emergence of "Graphic Novels"

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