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Articles by Martine Mickiewicz

Thriving Fat Brain Toys is a Family Affair (12/1/2004)
Call it magnetic attraction. Or, you could say they were “drawn” to the toy business. But one thing is certain: a magnetic construction toy led Mark and Karen Carson to found Fat Brain Toys in 2002. The Elkhorn, Nebraska, company boasts five specialty online toy stores and a burgeoning toy distribution business. And it all began with GeoMag, an Italian toy given to their son, Adam, for his 10th birthday.

Keen on Tweens: Boys’ Purchasing Power (11/1/2004)
“Age compression” or KGOY (kids getting older younger): In response to this shift in interest, marketers are increasingly targeting boy tweens in response to their love of the video and gaming industry. Tween boys want products that have an electronic, Internet, video or sports component; and there’s a premium for portable toys and electronics because most tweens spend time traveling to after-school activities.

Valtech: Magna-Tiles and the Triangle of Learning (10/1/2004)
Valenta came home, bought the product rights, re-packaged the toy and renamed it Magna-Tiles. Its slogan is: "where math, science and creativity meet."

ArtMolds: Casting a Line of Fun! (9/1/2004)
Life for business consultant Ed McCormick changed one day in 1993

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