Laughing Matters: Games that Get the Gut
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June 2003 | Vol. II - No. 6

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Laughing Matters: Games that Get the Gut

Don’t Make Me Laugh

Don’t Make Me Laugh Jr.

Getting the giggles is serious business when you’re trying to snicker and snort your way to victory in some of today’s board games. Silly questions and activities, passionate performances, family tales, and other uproarious behaviors are destined to make get-togethers more fun.

Don’t Make Me Laugh

Whether you’re an adult or a child, Lolo Company tests your ability to keep a straight face with its two latest board games: Don’t Make Me Laugh ($24.99), and Don’t Make Me Laugh Jr. ($14.99). Serious matters disintegrate quickly as players, partners and whole groups win points by performing wacky activities described on Ha Ha, Ho Ho, Hee Hee laughter cards, such as “Pretend you’re a sprinkler” or “Play a short tennis match with another player.”

Cranium Cadoo

Can’t Stop the Giggles

Winner of more than ten prestigious awards, including the 2002 Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Award in February 2003, Cranium Cadoo ($19.95) by Cranium Inc. uses kids’ brains and bodies to get them giggling. Children ages 7 and up laugh out loud as they sketch, sculpt, act, puzzle and crack secret codes while trying to get four correct responses in a row.

Birds, Bugs, and Beans

The Birds and the Beans

A laugh riot for ages 6 and up, R&R Games’ Birds, Bugs, and Beans (ToyFairPreview) ($9.95) sets kids off on a slap-happy expedition through the jungle. They vie for the chance to catch sneaky living things with a chorus of “tweets” for birds, “claps” for bugs and “toots” for beans. The first explorer that makes sounds to match the subject catches the creature and wins the advantage.

FamilyLore Game

Family History

Remember those holiday meals with the family, when, while sharing tales of yore, you found out that your mother never really did walk five miles to school--it was more like five blocks? FamilyLore Game (ToyFairPreview) ($34.95) allows families to reminisce about their roots: ancestors, pets, celebrations, vacations and details like family rules. Sharing these facts and events with family and friends can bring people together the way a good game should.

Karaoke The Game™

Some Things are Better Left Unsung

Karaoke The Game™ from Newton’s Mind Inc. (ToyFairPreview) ($25.95), for ages 12 and up, encourages performances in all styles of music from pop to country and even rock ’n’ roll. Whether you want to belt out a ballad or simply give clues about a song, you’re sure to laugh as players try to steal the show.


Writers Bio: Tamara Halbritter has been teaching creative movement and dance to children for over 15 years. As a professional dancer and freelance writer, she puts plenty of playtime into her schedule. Currently, she is writing a book about a gifted pair who see other people’s dreams.

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