Tweens Take Over: Y Generation the Wunderkind of Brand Marketing
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June 2003 | Vol. II - No. 6

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Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman: Tween Girls’ Products Come into Their Own

It’s no secret that the teenage market continues to be a lucrative one for those savvy enough to gain entry, but what about their little sisters and brothers—those who’ve come to be known as “Tweens?” They comprise the 8-14 age group that flocks to retail outlets such as Claire’s and Accessorize, but still have at least two years to go before they can get a driver’s license.

A market report from KeyNote Ltd. (Aug. 2002) suggests that most Tweens today come strapped with their own pocket money, explaining how in the past 3-5 years the Tween market has carved a growing niche in the retail industry, one that asks for the simplicity and playfulness of a toy, but with all the moxie of such teenaged strongholds as hairspray and pierced ears.

CHARM IT! Disney Collection

Charmed Princesses: New Disney Charm Bracelets

High IntenCity Corp. has just launched its newest addition to its popular CHARM IT! Charm bracelet line, the CHARM IT! Disney Collection, letting kids adorn themselves with their favorite Disney characters in an assortment of charm bracelets. The High IntenCity CHARM IT! Disney Collection will feature Mickey and pals, Pooh and friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, Disney princesses such as Ariel and Cinderella, the Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and Kim Possible, and Disney movie characters cast in pewter, crystal, and enamel charms. The CHARM IT! Disney bracelet retails for $8, while crystal/enamel charms are $5 a piece and charms made of pewter run for $3. Like the existing CHARM IT! line, the CHARM IT! Disney Collection will offer a growing line of accessories such as handbags, picture frames, charm holders, room accessories and more.

Winsome Fragrance

Smells Like Tween Spirit: Fragrances for Pre-Teens

If lip-gloss and clothing can sell multitudes to pre-teen girls, it was inevitable that perfumes would not be far behind. Winsome Fragrance Co. has fashioned its own product line for the Tween market. Made in roll-on form to help avoid spills and spray mishaps, the All Star and Little Champ fragrances are marketed to boys ages 2-14, with Sweet & Soft and Winsome scents formulated especially for girls of the same age range. Mary Vail, owner and president of Winsome Fragrance believes there’s a wide market for her product. “When kids get dressed up, they feel really great with the finishing touch of their own fragrance,” she said. “Adult colognes are too intense and too costly.” Winsome fragrances retail for $8 on the shelves of children’s specialty stores and large department stores such as Nordstrom.

2 Kids Jewelry Care’rousel

Clutter and Mess to go with that Dress: Storage for Tween Products

Where toys for small children can usually be tossed right back into the toy-box or closet for a quick vacuuming, products for pre-teens, especially Tween girls, have been lacking their own storage solutions. Banking on this dilemma, Deico Products (ToyDirectory) has come up with an attractive solution to Tween girl clutter with its '2 Kids' Care’rousel line. With separate carousels made to store hair, nail and jewelry products, caring for and clean-up of Tween products has never looked this good. The '2 Kids' Nail Care’rousel ($24.95) comes complete with polish and nail stickers, stores all types of accesories, and also has a handy nail polish dryer built into the bottom so girls can paint their nails and dry them in moments. Also new from the '2 Kids' Care’rousel line is the new '2 Kids' Jewelry Care’rousel ($24.95) that works as both a revolving jewelry display and storage compartment for jewelry and other small items.

Groovy Girls “T Series” dolls, Talli, Trini, and Tomiko

Groovy Gear and Stuff for Groovy Girls

Despite the chilly retail climate of late, one product that has sold monumentally well since its introduction in 1998 is the Groovy Girls ($9.95) line by the Manhattan Toy Company (ToyDirectory). Marketed to girls ages 2-12, the Groovy Girls line is designed to portray a positive body image for young girls of all different ethnicities, with each doll having different skin tone and facial features . Groovy Girls dolls and accessories have managed not only to become bestsellers in the market, but also recently won both the “Girl Toy of the Year” and “Specialty Toy of the Year” awards from the Toy Industry Association (TIA) at the 2003 Toy Fair in New York City. Also teaching young girls that each is unique in her own way, the Groovy Girls T Series dolls, Talli, Trini, and Tomiko, all represent girls of different ethnic backgrounds.


Writer's Bio: Tina R. Dhamija was born with a passion for writing and has been a published writer for media publications since she was 17 years old. She has worked for the London Daily Telegraph and Haymarket publishing in London. She currently lives in Long Beach, California with her cat Raina, where she enjoys reading, dancing and walking along the beach.




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