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MSRP: $9.95
Age Range: 5 to 13
Launch Date: November 2008
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Interactive
Trading Cards

Revnjenz are fast, sleek and sporty street racers that come to life when the owner enters online his or her personalized "Secret Code" that is hidden on the back of the collectible driver's license. In Revnjenz World, kids can race and play games to earn BoostBucks to trick out their ride. "We have developed a virtual world community of street racers that focuses on an untouched market in the retail product/virtual world tie in. We fill a new, unpaved path for boys that gives them something new and unique to play in and talk about. We also have not left out the girls, as the boys can 'trick out' but the girls can 'accessorize' their rides," Susan Ashford, of the sales and marketing division at Revnjenz, told TDmonthly. Launch date: November 3, 2008.
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Revnjenz® are fast, sleek, and sporty street racers that come to life once you enter your "Secret Code" located on your Revnjenz® drivers license. This "real life" driver's license is an authentic collector's edition. Once in Revnjenz®, you will also receive a title for your own vehicle showing proof of ownership. InRevnjenz®, you can visit many fun places. You can go to the Arcade, Bank, the "Z" Academy, Police Station, Raceway, Gas Station, Z Dealership, Performance Garage, Movie Theater, Car Wash, and "Youth Friendly" Chat lot. In these places you can race and play games to earn BoostBucks® to purchase upgrades and personalize your car along with its very own precious garage you store it in. You will be able to customize your car with items such as turbos, superchargers, spoilers, body kits, wheels, special lighting such as neon kits, cool lifts for your car, and even plasma TVs' for your garage. Come Race and Play Now!
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 16440      (added 12/5/2007)
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