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1.2014 Flashback: Noteworthy Die-Cast toys
Noteworthy Die-Cast toys...


Most-Viewed Articles (last 12 months)

1.2014 Flashback: Noteworthy Die-Cast toys
Noteworthy Die-Cast toys...


Additional Articles (from most recent)

1.2014 Flashback: Noteworthy Die-Cast toys
Noteworthy Die-Cast toys...


2.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
Die-cast toys are a blast from the past, but they still sell consistently at specialty...


3.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
Toys that roll, zoom and fly are always popular, and these fun die-cast toys are no exception...


4.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
In an August 2013 survey, TDmonthly asked retailers about their best-selling die-cast toys...


5.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
In a Summer 2012 survey, TOYSMITH, SCHYLLING, HOT WHEELS, and TOY WONDERS INC were named repeatedly by retailers as the best selling brands of die-cast toy...


6.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
When TDmonthly interviewed 14 retailers about their best-selling die-cast toys, four said they don't carry any in their stores - but maybe they should...


7.Top-5 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
Recently, TDmonthly Magazine spoke to 38 retailers about their sales of die-cast items...


8.Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Vehicles
In July 2009, TDmonthly Magazine interviewed 49 specialty retailers around the country about their sales in die-cast vehicles...


9.TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Vehicles
Which die-cast vehicles are to-die-for in the specialty market? A TDmonthly Magazine survey of 55 specialty retailers revealed that public service vehicles, such as school buses...


10.Classics and Mods Go Head to Head
Over the last few months, TDmonthly Magazine spoke with 34 specialty toy-store owners and managers to discover the forecast for die-cast in their stores...


11.TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Die-Cast Toys
Realism is a real trend in die-cast, according to 34 specialty retailers TDmonthly Magazine spoke with recently...


12.Metal Detecting
There’s die-cast, and there’s Die-cast. TDmonthly Magazine talked with some of the expert’s experts in the die-cast collecting realm to find out what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s just scrap metal...


13.Heavy Metal
Toys may come and toys may go, but die-cast is forever … always selling, regardless of trends, fads or the End of Days...


14.Diecast Products
The following products are from manufacturers you won't find at the 2006 Toy Fair...


15.The Corgi Connection: Brit Die-Cast Leader Makes U.S. Push
By using dynamic business practices, Corgi has plans to bring a die-cast British Invasion to America...


16.TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Die-cast Cars
Die-cast cars have always been solidly made and solidly sold. But lately, there’s a lag at the smaller retail levels. Certain stores are having slow sales, or even getting out of the die-cast arena altogether. Yet, on the Internet and at the higher end, TDmonthly is getting reports of sold-out shelves...


17.New & Notable Toys: Die-Cast
Check out these noteworthy Die-Cast toys. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});...


18.Die-Cast Airplanes Get Boost From Modern Wars
Die-cast aircraft models have been around for at least 80 years. While World War II models have ruled this business with an iron fist for many years, modern war birds are finally making their way to the forefront of prized collections...


19.Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Die-Cast Future On the Go
Collector interest and nostalgia on the part of today’s parents have sparked renewed interest in metal toys, and retailers are seeing an upward sales trend in both die-cast and pressed metal toys...


20.Trends In Die-Cast Vehicles: A Boy’s Paradise To A Collector’s Obsession
Die-cast vehicles have been hugely popular in the toy market since 1947 when Lesney Products of England produced the first 1:64 cars...


21.TDmonthly's Top 10 Most Wanted Die-Cast Airplanes
The world of die cast airplanes can be a confusing one for the inexperienced. Planes can be found in many sizes and varieties, while models range from the Wright Brothers’ first plane to Air Force One. Here is a list of some of today’s most wanted planes...


22.TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Vehicles for Boys
Boys will be boys and cars and trucks will be their toys. Fueling the highest vehicle sales for boys 6- to 10-years-old are 1:64 die-cast cars. Larger models of heavy duty metal construction trucks and machines are near the top of the list for 3- to 6- year-old boys...


23.Cars, Trucks and Accessories
Eligor, Inc. The latest model from Eligor, Inc. is the Michelin Earthmover Tire Transporter. This unique freight truck features a Freightliner Century Class, a Great Dane Flat Bed, and six XDR C4 Michelin Tires. Also included is a quality box set that can be used as a display. Only 500...


24.Historic Battles Honored in Detailed Military Die-cast
War is a thousand stories of courage that converge into a single victory or defeat...


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