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Article Archive: Electronic Games
GameStop – can they build a bridge before they hit the abyss?
We all are familiar with the problems GameStop is facing...


The Wii U is sinking – will it drag Nintendo down with it?
When the Wii was first released on November 19, 2006, people were a little sceptical...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Electronic and Battery Operated Toys
Which electrifying specialty toys are making big sales across the country? We interviewed retailers to find out!...


TDmonthly 2014 Top Toy Debut Award Winners: Electronics
The following outstanding toys have been nominated for Top Toy Debut Awards based on editorial review and retailer feedback...


Video Gamers are Deserting Retailers
Video games have been in the doldrums since 2008, at least as far as brick-and-mortar retail is concerned. However, if you drill down a little further, you will see that not all was bad...


New Emphasis on Tech Toys Helps Classic Companies Stay Relevant
It is well known that the use of computers, smartphones, and tablets is on the rise among kids (according to the NPD Group, more than half of kids ages 2-14 are using some kind of smart device at home). With that in mind, this August classic toy company Lionel (maker of Lionel Trains) rolled out an iPad game called "Lionel Battle Train."...


Hasbro Off The Hook in Patent Fight with MiTile
A judge ruled on Monday that Hasbro was not guilty of infringing on a patent for an electronic game held by UK company MiTile Ltd...


Over Half of Children Now Using Smart Devices
According to Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play, the latest report from global information company, The NPD Group, 79 percent of parents with children ages 2 - 14 report that they or their children own some type of mobile device, such as a traditional cell phone, smartphone, or tablet; up from 63 percent last year...


Activision Skylanders vs. Disney Infinity
Activision/Blizzard, the world’s largest provider of video games, has been in the news lately. Firstly, their Call of Duty: Black Ops II game was not only the #1 game for the month of December; it was the #1 game for the whole of 2012. Secondly, their 2011 entry Skylanders has just broken the $500 million barrier at U.S. retail...


The Changing Face of Gaming
Video game retail sales in the U.S. have been plunging since 2008, which would suggest that the industry is in the continuing throes of very significant and probably structural changes...


Electronic Arts — a Very Subtle Transition
Like all other leading video game publishers, Electronic Arts is caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the fact that games are increasingly played on non-traditional devices such as smart phones and tablets; the hard place is that the platforms for traditional gaming — the Xbox and Playstation — are at the end of their life cycle...


Rovio – Birds and Piggies Eat Competition
It does not happen too often that an unknown software company from a small European country becomes a major force in the toy space in one year. But this is exactly what happened in the case of Rovio...


The Future of Gamestop
There is no question that GameStop has had a tough time of late. There are any number of reasons given – we are at the tail end of the last console cycle, there is a shift from consoles towards mobile phones and tablets, downloads are taking more and more share away from the brick—and—mortar retailers — but whatever the case may be, GameStop is struggling and the third quarter 2012 results just now published show no let-off in this pattern...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Electronic & Battery Operated Toys
When TDmonthly Magazine interviewed retailers about their best selling electronic or battery-operated products, several respondents shared a distaste for such items...


Round 5 Corporation Secures License From ZeptoLab® For Video Game Cut the Rope®
Canadian toy manufacturer Round 5 Corporation (Round 5) in partnership with licensing agents Studio Licensing Inc and Established Brands Inc., announces multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to manufacture and produce certain categories of toys under the popular Cut The Rope brand...


Scholastic Media Launches the Magic School Bus®: Oceans LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game
Scholastic Media, a division of Scholastic Inc., the global children’s publishing, education and media company, today announced a new addition to its global children’s science franchise, The Magic School Bus®, with the release of THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: OCEANS for LeapFrog’s award-winning LeapPad™ and Leapster Explorer™...


Tech Toys
Check out these recently added specialty and mass market tech toys...


THQ – Digital Gaming's First Victim?
January was another terrible month for video games in the United States, at least at retail, confirming that not only will all future growth in the video game software space going to be in the digital area, but that retail sales of software, hardware and accessories will in fact decline...


Tech Toys from 2012 New York International Toy Fair
The Toy Industry Association has declared 2012 the year of the AppCessory, and TDmonthly Magazine's reporters saw no shortage of app-based and tech toys at the 2012 New York International Toy Fair...


Q&A With Bonnie Morantz, President and Co-founder of Number Effect Inc
Bonnie Morantz, co-founder of Number Effect Inc, talks about launching the online/collectible tween brand BunkiMunki, overcoming the odds as a woman in business, and the market research that went into creating the new product...


Has LeapFrog really come back?
From its first days of operations, the company knew nothing but steep market share increases until September 2004 when they hit their zenith...


GameStop is Riding the Digital Tiger
At their most recent SEC filing, GameStop reported sharply declining sales, but this doesn't necessarily spell the demise of GameStop today or tomorrow...


Q&A with Suzi Wilczynski, Founder of Dig-It! Games
TDmonthly had a chance to speak with Suzi Wilczynski, creator of the computer game "Roman Town" and founder of Dig-It! Games, whose product not only seeks to entertain and educate all who play, but also to interest more young girls in science and computer technology...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Electronic Toys
In a summer 2011 survey about best-selling electronic toys, HEXBUGs from Innovation First Labs topped the list, followed by R/C Vehicles from Kid Galaxy...


The Ups and Downs of LeapFrog
Leapfrog has had its ups and downs since the company was founded in 1995, and it appears they on their way up again- but are they really?...


Holiday Preview: Electronics


High-Tech Trio Rescues Video Game Publishers
For years, players in the video game space have been in an uneasy alliance that is now fraying at the edges...


An App a Day Keeps Boredom Away
Any one of us has probably seen the following scene unfold: Someone is in line at the coffee shop, or bored in a waiting room, so out pops the iPhone...


LeapFrog Stumbles and V.Smile Frowns
There are mounting signs that the Electronic Learning Products toy category is undergoing a structural change — and not for the better...


Holiday Preview - Electronics
Travel-friendly cameras, glowing alarm clocks, and a creative way for baby to snack are heating up the electronics department for Christmas 2009. See some of them below...


Old Games See New Competition
It is rare that a large retail chain totally controls a lucrative product segment, but this is definitely the case with GameStop and its used game business...


Video Games Enthrall With Tales and Technology
New technology and expanding storylines are drawing in fans of video games this year. The best and the brightest are those that grasp the prevailing technology and take players to the worlds they want to visit...


Classics and Creativity Make Their Way to Toy Fair
The toys manufacturers are bringing to the Toy Industry Association’s 2009 Toy Fair, Feb. 15-18, are as high profile as the show itself. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect among the hundreds of mass-market and specialty items debuting at the show...


Turning Electronic Appeals Into Specialty Deals
Despite constant advances in the technology market with gadgets, games and computers, as well as electronic toys for children, many specialty toy stores consciously keep their product selection founded in more traditional toys...


Six Predictions For the Toy Industry for 2008 … Revisited
On Jan. 1, 2008, I made certain predictions for the toy market in the United States...


Video Game Market Sees a Slowdown
June 19, 2008 – I have again analyzed the NPD data that has just come out on video games. The information tallies pretty well with my own retailer panel data and with what the buyers tell me......


Where Will Wii Be?
In January I published several buyers’ best guesses as to the most promising video games for the year. In the last column of the chart below are updates of what has happened since...


“Is it a Carrot?”
What’s smaller than a pack of cards, smarter than a bug and one of the fastest selling toys out there? If you answered 20Q in less than 20 questions, you win!...


TDmonthly's Top 10 Most Wanted Travel Toys
Children can pick up one of these activities and enjoy a stimulating escape en route to a destination...


TDmonthly's Top 10 Most Wanted Electronic Handheld Games
With summer trips planned and just around the corner, retailers would do well to stock up on the following portable games in preparation for excited travelers...


TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Casino Games
For the home player and casino game enthusiast, one of the most desirable formats is the portable, stand-alone hand-held game, which combines the thrill of the tables with faster-than-life action...


GamePak: Play and Go
It was only a matter of time until necessity and practicality produced a packing case to store the console, controllers...


Video Games: An Endless Horizon Comes Into View
There is no doubt that the video gaming population is increasing exponentially as a component of the Toy and Hobby industry...


Top Ten Toys for February 2004
Here are the Top Ten Toys for February 2004, arranged in no particular order: 1) The PlayStation 2 ($179.99) is equipped with a 128-bit Emotion Engine processor that enables lightning-fast gameplay and impressive graphics power. The console builds on its home entertainment value by doubling as a DVD player and...


Top Ten Toys for March 2004
Here are the Top Ten Toys for March 2004, arranged in no particular order: 1) The PlayStation 2 ($179.99) by Sony is equipped with a 128-bit Emotion Engine processor that enables lightning-fast gameplay and impressive graphics power. The console builds on its home entertainment value by doubling as a DVD...


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