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Watch Toy Videos of the Day (4/11/2011 - 4/15/2011)

We want you to see the toys we see, so you can determine if they're right for your store! Check this space every weekday to see brief video clips of new and specialty products.

In the spotlight today? Customers will strut in to your store when you carry Knucklebots from KNUCKLE STRUTZ

MSRP: $25.00
Age Range: 3 to 8
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Educational
Designer Toys

Kimochis are small pillows with a feeling (happy, sad, silly, brave) printed on one side and a corresponding facial expression on the other. Each Kimochis plush character comes with a set of three feelings and a how-to Kimochis Feel Guide. The characters — Clover, Cat, Huggtopus, Cloud, Bella Rose, Bug and Lovey Dove — have a special pocket where kids can store their "Kimochis" or feelings. Using the characters and their Kimochis, kids can get in touch with their emotions through puppetry and play. “Getting back to the basics by playing and communicating with Kimochis™ is a simple, yet powerful way to teach children how to: be aware of feelings, choose how to communicate in emotional moments, and redo mistakes. Children will be drawn to the fun, adorable, accessible characters. Parents will be drawn to the high-quality craftsmanship and the valuable educational content," Susan Schroeder, director of marketing and communications for Plushy Feely Corp., told TDmonthly. —  Awards: 2009 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence, Best Vacation Products by Dr. Toy, and's Top 13 Amazing Toys for Preschoolers.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 31526      (added 1/20/2011)

MSRP: $17.99
Age Range: 4 to 9
Launch Date: August 2008
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Vehicles - Small Toy
General Toys

HANDTRUX®, a BRAND new, made in AMERICA toy line of safe, imaginative, hand-operated construction vehicle toys. To be released first: the HANDTRUX® Backhoe, along with a film documentary, “Zapped by a Dream: How to make a toy in America” and an original rock music CD by Rough Embrace, “Crush on You.” These unique sandbox sized dirt machines look and work just like the Big Iron, kids can really do precision digging for hours of unstructured playtime. “This is a new twist on a time-treasured category: sand toys. Unlike previous offerings, these are toys that you wear, incorporating the patented, amazing ‘handraulic’-operated power grip,” Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel, president of TenTonToys/EVERGREENRIVER Media Holdings LLC, told TDmonthly. Launch date: August 2008.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 18933      (added 5/19/2008)


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