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Articles by Tamara Halbritter

Building Sets Teach the Language of Technology (1/1/2004)
Paul Hildebrandt, president of Zometool, Inc., compares using construction kits to learning a new language; it’s easier when you start young...

Micro RC Vehicles Speed Ahead (1/1/2004)
In the 1970s, radio controlled vehicles became the rage, with covers of racing magazines featuring images of lovely girls next to petite racecars...

Playing House in 2004 (12/1/2003)
Winter means squirmy kids are often stuck indoors and anxious to do something fun. Children’s playhouses can provide the perfect remedy for cabin fever

No More Clay Ashtrays: Cool Crafts for Kids (12/1/2003)
Whether you’re creating a mold of hands, casting a favorite object as a keepsake or designing a heart-shaped mosaic box for storing trinkets

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