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Articles by Mike Grimala

What Buyers Most Want at Toy Fair 2006 (1/1/2006)
TDmonthly Magazine spoke with a number of retailers to find out what they're looking for at this year's Toy Fair.

One to Watch This Holiday Season (12/1/2005)
The Sony PSP may be set to become one of the holiday’s hottest products less than a year after the console’s launch failed to meet the high expectations of the electronics community. A number of factors, including popular new games and a slew of movie titles, have been stirring up excitement in the gaming world and could lead to a spike in sales during the gift-giving season as the PSP catches its second wind.

Online Retailers Can Fight Back Against Chargebacks (10/1/2005)
Is your store losing money on credit card transactions? The answer for many retailers, especially Internet stores, is “yes.” But it doesn’t have to be.

The Economics of Toy Trouble (10/1/2005)
Are traditional toy retailers and manufacturers in trouble? Tough times for some of the country’s largest companies have raised eyebrows around the industry, sparking speculation as to the immediate and long term economic future of the toy business.

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