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Articles by Jaime Quigley

Spas in the Toy Store (2/1/2007)
Cosmetics have invaded the arts and crafts market, nudging over airplane glue and fingerpaint

Why Quilting Is Sew Cool (2/1/2007)
What's old is still new, according to 36 retailers interviewed by TDmonthly Magazine about the hottest trends in arts and crafts.

Innovations of 2006 (1/1/2007)
TDmonthly Magazine asked manufacturers about their most notable and innovative toys from 2006.

Why Your Toys Should Speak Spanish (12/1/2006)
Mainstream marketing is no longer a sufficient approach to the Spanish-speaking demographic in the United States

Outdoor Toys Soar in Off-Season (12/1/2006)
Launchable rockets are soaring this winter, with more than 25 percent of retailers hailing airborne toys as the No. 1 item to watch.

Expect Experimental Kits to Sell (12/1/2006)
Science was on the brains of 11 retailers

Give the Nod to Yarn Crafts and Bobbleheads (12/1/2006)
Strong year-round sales have retailers excited about arts & crafts this holiday season.

Laser and Strategy Games Are All the Rage (12/1/2006)
Retailers weren't playing around when they told TDmonthly about the hottest selling games

Crafty Cosmetics Find a Place (12/1/2006)
In a booming skin care market, girls can now spend their creative time making perfume, lip gloss, lotion and more.

Baby Dolls Do Their Business (12/1/2006)
Sixty-two percent of retailers credited Corolle with reliable doll sales, according to a TDmonthly Magazine survey of 51 storeowners and managers

Ho-Hum Predictions Haven’t Squashed Xmas Hopes (12/1/2006)
Christmas comes early every year at the U.S. Customs Seaport in Long Beach, Calif., where the annual bulk of holiday imports docks between late August and November

More Holiday Games (12/1/2006)
When TDmonthly Magazine asked manufacturers what their hot sellers for the holidays and 2007 would be

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