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Articles by Dennis Foley

The Bear Mill: The Secret is in the Stuffing (3/1/2005)
When The Bear Mill, an Idaho-based company, opened its doors for business in 2000, it was initially involved in the design and manufacture of pillow stuffing machines. Yet things changed in a dramatic fashion in 2001.

Pretend Play Makeover: Classing Up Kids´ Free Time (3/1/2005)
For Generation Xers, baby boomers and their ancestors, pretend play primarily consisted of digging into parents’ closets and attic trunks to drag out baggy old sport coats, crushed hats and oversized high-heeled shoes. These days, pretend play has become a royal affair.

Beyond the Cartoon: Top Anime Products (2/1/2005)
Complex anime and manga plots keep American fans begging for more. Toy manufacturers, publishers and film makers have responded to this growing market by generating a wide variety of intriguing products.

Baby Brains Abuzz with Baby Bumblebee (2/1/2005)
At Baby Bumblebee, where producing award-winning educational videos and DVDs for the infant and toddler market has become the norm, brainstorming is a way of life.

Children´s Video Games Win Fans, Spur Spin-offs (11/1/2004)
12-and-under gamers continue to split their video time between sports games and educational / adventure games. For the most successful companies and developers, understanding this bifurcation is the key to the crowded, but lucrative, children´s gaming market.

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