Toys in the Tune of Fun
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August 2003 | Vol. II - No. 8

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Toys in the Tune of Fun

Music is a fundamental part of growing up, making musical toys an enduring favorite for kids and parents alike. Whether it's a plaything that produces single notes or a child's first real instrument, there’s a melodic toy for every age and ear.

Argos’ First Sounds Bee

Tunes for Tots

The tiniest baby will delight at the music they can make with the KM Village Chime Ball (from birth, $2.65). This squishy vinyl ball is easy for even the smallest hand to grasp. As babies’ senses begin to develop, Argos’ First Sounds Bee (3 months and up, $12.99) is a perfect stimulus. This funny-faced colorful toy makes a variety of musical sounds.

Musical Sit and Spin by Playschool

Noble & Cooley Rock Drum Set

Noble & Cooley Mini Grand Piano

Lillian Vernon Wood Guitar & Case

Barbie Sing With Me Karaoke Machine from Kiddesigns

Castlespring Dance Diva Home Recording Studio

Musical Moves

Toddlers and Preschoolers love to move, and they love to make noise. Musini from Neurosmith (3 years and up, $59.95) is an Oppenheim-Award-winning toy that converts those impulses into a musical response for each movement your child makes. The Musical Sit 'N' Spin by Playskool /Hasbro (ages 3-7, $15) comes to life with flashing lights and music when a child sits on it. A Mozart Magic Drum by Munchkin (3 years and up, $15.95) provides plenty of percussion possibilities for a marching toddler. This clear handheld drum filled with noisemaker beads is great for travel.

Real Instruments for Real Music Makers

Kids and parents alike will love these authentic instruments made especially for beginner musicians. Reputable drum maker Noble & Cooley offers young drummers the Noble & Cooley Rock Drum Set ($19.97). This colorful set is ideal for starters. Or, for the young pianist, there’s the Noble & Cooley Mini Grand Piano ($79.99), a miniature classic that produces quality sound. For the beginning guitarist, a Lillian Vernon Wood Guitar & Case (ages 8-12, $39.98) is a kid-size guitar with a personalized embossed case.

Everybody Wants to Be A Star

Musical toys can bring out the superstar in any child. The Barbie Sing With Me Karaoke Machine from KIDdesigns (ToyDirectory) ($59) is easy enough for even a 3-year-old to use and comes with three song cassettes and 1 blank tape to record your best performances. The system is complete with 2 mics: 1 headset for the young star, and 1 hand-held for a friend . Cool Tronix offers a realistic Microphone with a base amplifier ($14.95). This adjustable microphone is removable, allowing for maximum stage presence. For the aspiring DJ or recording artist, there’s the Castlespring Dance Diva Home Recording Studio (ages 8-12, $40), which includes a dual cassette deck that lets children play a string of hit songs and record their own voice. Vocal effects and a spinning disco ball light show are also included in the studio.

And for those looking for the Cadillac of kids’ instruments, it doesn’t get any better than Schoenhut Pianos (ToyShow Preview). Founded in 1872, the company has taken another step forward with its new Elite Baby Grand Piano ($225) for ages 3-9. Joining the company’s distinguished product line in 2002, each Baby Grand is crafted by hand and individually tuned for three octaves. The piano comes with Schoenhut’s patented Learning System®, a play-by-color strip that fits behind the keys. The Elite Baby Grand stands 24 inches high by 24 inches wide and weighs 30 pounds.


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