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March 2008 | Vol. VII - No. 3


Toddler Roundtable: Goosie Cards Read Well

Stylish Flash Cards Delight Parents and Tots

“I will be offering this as a gift for a child in my life this year.” Diana del Pozo
Goosie Cards impressed TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable with their sharp design and eye-catching logo, as well as the fact that the cards are made in the USA and were invented by a mom.

Goosie Cards®
Age: 1 and Up
Gender: Boys and Girls
Category: Educational
MSRP: $34.00

TDmonthly rating:

What It Is:
Goosie Cards are 4.24” x 7.5” laminated flash cards that feature pictures and text to help children learn to read. Available in various themes, Goosie Cards can also be personalized with photos and text on the Internet; once the customization is complete, the flashcards are shipped.

What the Moms Thought: Several parents appreciated the cards’ quality and durability, as well as the option of customization. “[They] will hold up to rough play by babies and toddlers,” Heinrich said.

“I also love the fact that the pictures of the animals are actual photos, not just an artist’s replication,” Bendorf said. All the parents felt that the cards would make good learning tools; Pauley specifically listed “good sight-word association” and “letter reinforcements.”

"The website was very easy to navigate and uploading/ordering photos was also easy," reported Heinrich, who appreciated that the cards are American made and the company is run by a "mom-preneur."

What the Kids Said:
Lucy (3) was excited about Goosie Cards right away. As soon as she opened the box, she exclaimed, “Mom! What is all that stuff? It looks so cool!” Collin (3) enjoyed shuffling and tossing the cards around, and then went about matching the pictures to his favorite songs.

When Ashlyn (2) is asked “What’s this?” Bendorf said, “she gets so excited to be able to answer that she often yells her answer at the top of her voice and says ‘good girl’ to herself when she gets it correct.” Nigel (3) slipped the cards into his backpack so they were always ready to go, and JoJo enjoyed playing with the animal kingdom cards.

How to Improve It:
Most parents expressed that there’s little room for improvement on this already-great product, although Chambers suggested "more prompt shipping" when her cards were delayed.

Del Pozo offered an idea for future versions: inclusion of a small device to “read” the Goosie cards and offer sound effects, such as animal sounds. She also suggested a “do-it-yourself” personalization option to allow parents to slide pictures into plastic pockets on the cards for instant switches.

Would You Want Another Toy Like This? The moms not only gave Goosie Cards a rave review and said they would buy more of a similar product, but they also vowed to recommend the cards to others. Pauley noted, “I plan to show it to a children’s boutique owner I know.” And Del Pozo said, “I will be offering this as a gift for a child in my life this year.”

Roundtable participants were Rebecca Heinrich with Collin (3); Christy Chambers with Nigel (3); Diana del Pozo with JoJo (2); Penelope Pauley with Lucy (3); and Anna Bendorf with Ashlyn (2).

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