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Toys in the News 11/03/2021 (11/1/2021)
Todd McFarlane to cut out the middleman and just make a TV show about his cool toys The A.V. Club

Notable and New Toys by Category — Specialty Only (2/1/2011)
See all the new specialty toys we've uploaded in the last month to make your ordering easier

Panel Finds Monkey a Potty Training Expert (6/1/2008)
TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable participants evaluated the Potty Monkey by PottyMD and were impressed by the way the toy made potty training easy.

Toddler Roundtable: Horseplay Brings Smiles (5/1/2008)
The Knee-Rider by Danoco Corp. gained yeas and neighs from TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable with its innovative, interactive concept and realistic sound effects.

Toddler Roundtable: Goosie Cards Read Well (3/1/2008)
Goosie Cards impressed TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable with their sharp design and eye-catching logo, as well as the fact that the cards are made in the USA and were invented by a mom.

Toddler Roundtable: Nuchi Train Rolls Out Fun (2/1/2008)
The Little Little Little Toy Company’s Nuchi™ 15-Piece Circle Train Set delighted TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable with a simple layout, interlocking tracks and magnets that link the colorful cars and accessories.

Parents Still Shy Away from China (12/1/2007)
Given the millions of “Made in China” toys recalled this year, some parents are opting for products made in Europe and the United States, retailers and manufacturers told TDmonthly Magazine.

Baby Roundtable: LilyBugs® Make Bottles Friendly (12/1/2007)
TDmonthly Magazine’s Baby Roundtable participants evaluated the LilyBugs Plush Cup Holder made by LilyBugs. One little girl was quite taken with her plush doggie bottle cover

Big and Tacky Jewels Find Favor (11/1/2007)
Twenty-six specialty retailers recently weighed-in on jewelry for kids, telling TDmonthly Magazine that creative kits, fashionable diamonds and treasure for the high seas are keeping their customers in style.

American and European Toys Rule (11/1/2007)
Even without the recent toy recalls, savvy shoppers have been looking for products that are well made and environmentally sound.

Kids Eager to "Adopt" Collectibles (10/1/2007)
According to a survey of 32 retailers, kids are eagerly building collections.

Writer Invests Self in All 4 Kidz (8/1/2007)
Most writers know that being published involves getting an agent and suffering rejection and disappointment. But Angela E. Davis-Lewis of All 4 Kidz Enterprises avoided these traditional obstacles by creating her own publishing company

Kids Crooked House Heads Straight For Success (8/1/2007)
The story behind Maine-based Kids Crooked House, winner of this year’s Yahoo! Ultimate Connection Contest, is part and parcel of the American dream.

Überstix Builds Creativity Around the Globe (6/1/2007)
Most toy manufacturers want their toys to do better than the competition, but Dane Scarborough, founder, CEO and president of Überstix, is not your typical business owner.

Esco Imports Imports Great Fun (6/1/2007)
Jack Steinfeld, president of Esco Imports, knows a lot about the toy business: His family founded and has been successfully running toy importer and distributor Esco Imports since 1946.

Jonti-Craft Furniture Sits Well With Education (5/1/2007)
Children’s furniture may give kids a place to sit, relax and sleep, but educational and early-learning furniture does more than just support kids' bodies: it develops minds as well

Kids Scoot on Bugs and Turtle Shells (4/1/2007)
Although classic ride-on toys and wagons from big companies such as Radio Flyer are selling well, 49 specialty retailers also told TDmonthly Magazine that newer ride-on toys are picking up speed.

Kids Find Fun With "The Touch" (2/1/2007)
Some toy designers spend years perfecting their idea and face many rejections, but Adrian Anthony and her husband, Christopher, garnered almost instant interest and encouragement with their product, The Touch.

TimeOut Tot's Tots Avoid Timeout (1/1/2007)
"It's human nature. Reward good behavior and the kids will want to do it again," Ann R. Brazil, of TimeOut Tot, told TDmonthly.

Mass Market Spy: Elmo and Wii Led Santa's Sleigh (1/1/2007)
As early as mid-November, the research team at The National Retail Federation released their predictions of the hottest mass-market toys

RC Picks Up Speed in Hobby Shops (12/1/2006)
Though some toy-store owners report a decline in kids' interest in hobbies, radio-controlled toys are a notable exception in hobby shops.

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