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March 2008 | Vol. VII - No. 3


Toy Fair 2008 Videos - 180+ Toys Move It

Get Back to Toy Fair With These Demo Videos

TDmonthly Magazine sent three video crews to Toy Fair 2008 in New York to find out what's really going on with specialty toys. Add these videos to your own website by following the instructions below the article.

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10Vox Kookeys, demonstrated by Dean Cheshire
Watch Video
10Vox Tracksters, demonstrated by Dean Cheshire Watch Video
360-Degree Gizmos 360-Degree Camera for Kids
Watch Video
Active Minds Comet, demonstrated by Sandy Evans Watch Video
Alex-Panline Paper Factory Watch Video
Alexander Doll Fancy Nancy doll, demonstrated by Gale Jarvis
Watch Video
Alexander Doll Legally Blonde doll, demonstrated by Gale Jarvis Watch Video
Alexander Doll Rockettes dolls, demonstrated by Gale Jarvis Watch Video
Alexander Doll Ugly Betty doll, demonstrated by Gale Jarvis Watch Video
All Star Buddies Plush Balls Watch Video
American Innovative Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Night Light
Watch Video
Animaland Animaland portable stuffing machine, demonstrated by Carol Fenster
Watch Video
Art Futures Team Trading Cards Watch Video
Baby Abulelita Abuelita Rosa and Abuelito Pancho Singing Plush Dolls, demonstrated by Rebecca Gray Watch Video
BabyFirstTV BabyFirstTV DVDs, demonstrated by Jeffrey Quinn
Watch Video
Baby Genius Baby Animals DVD Watch Video
Ballpark Classics Ballpark Classics game, demonstrated by Doug Strohm
Watch Video
BAO Karz, demonstrated by Phil Seltzer
Watch Video
Beastly Buddies Costumes, demonstrated by Ann Teekell Watch Video
Bent Castle Numbers League, demonstrated by Chris Pallace Watch Video
Beyond Chess Beyond Chess, demonstrated by David L. Crockett Watch Video
BKM Entertainment My Little Pink Book game, demonstrated by Elizabeth Pierce
Watch Video
Bluw Boxing Grannies novelty toy, demonstrated by Charles Rudge
Watch Video
Bolaball Bolaball tossing game, demonstrated by Richard Trecartin Watch Video
BowWowMeow PetToys craft kits, demonstrated by Evelyn Greenwald Watch Video
Brainy Baby Ultimate Education Set
Watch Video
C-Me Eat It! game, demonstrated by Eric Ash Watch Video
Carerra Race Cars, demonstrated by Alan M. Hess Watch Video
Carson Optical Zpix microscope, demonstrated by Maura Holmes Watch Video
Elf on the Shelf book and doll, demonstrated by Christa Pitts Watch Video
CellTag USA Paddle BallGame, demonstrated by Dan Deppen
Watch Video
China Towins Gifts and Toys Birchwood Puzzles
Watch Video
Claytronics Dazzling Dough - Earthtones, demonstrated by Wendy Basey
Watch Video
Cloud b
Twilight Sea Turtle, demonstrated by Nader Hamda Watch Video
Corgi H2Go, demonstrated by Robert Grey
Watch Video
Corolle Dolls Marie Record-a-Message doll Watch Video
CTI Toy Testing
Watch Video
Darda Glow Loop, demonstrated by Marty Ruark Watch Video
Design Your Own Baseball, demonstrated by Lewis Rudzki Watch Video
Driveway Games Co.
Toad Toss, demonstrated by Justin Greiwe
Watch Video

Dress-Up America Pilot, Police, Swat and Doctor costumes, demonstrated by Lou Landau Watch Video
Education Outdoors "CAMP" Outdoor Activity Book Watch Video
Enlightened Play Eco Ranch game, demonstrated by Eileen Thournir Watch Video
ethiKids "what's the deal" ethics game, demonstrated by Susan Adam Watch Video
Everrich Riebee Water Bocci Watch Video
Fame USA Medieval Chess Set
Watch Video
Fame USA Mah Jongg Watch Video
Family Time Fun Gather Round Dinner Game, demonstrated by John Pandiscio Watch Video
Fanny's Playhouse Baby Bottoms and Sweet Cuddles dolls demonstrated by Fanny Wong
Watch Video
Fashion Angels Graphic T-Shirt Designer, demonstrated by Myra Mouloudji Watch Video
Feenix NY Yankee Pedal Car, demonstrated by Rod Bothwell Watch Video
Fiesta Stuffin' Party hand-crank stuffing machine, demonstrated by Rich Hammond
Watch Video
Folkmanis Orangutan puppet, demonstrated by John Canelake
Watch Video
Frolicking Floaters Frolicking Floater water toy, demonstrated by Brett Diffley
Watch Video
Fun Stick Products Poker Chip Customizer, demonstrated by Daniel Lipsky Watch Video
Geospace Hover Soccer, demonstrated by Jesse Binkley
Watch Video
GFC Georgia TriCross strategy game, demonstrated by Glenn Burns
Watch Video
Glide Bikes PV Glider ride-on, demonstrated by Ed Mondello Watch Video
Goffa Int Christmas Plush, demonstrated by Jerry Volpe
Watch Video
Goosie Cards Goosie Cards customizable flash cards, demonstrated by Jennifer Marchetti Watch Video
Green Rock Entertainment Cahootie game, demonstrated by Jeffrey Jurgensen Watch Video
Griddly Games Wise Alek Watch Video
HABA Magnetic Books - Come With Us series, demonstrated by Lea Culliton
Watch Video
Hanimex Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner Toy Watch Video
Hape E-Racers bamboo cars
Watch Video
Happy Kids Fortamajig Connectables Watch Video
Hidden City Games Bella Sara trading cards, demonstrated by Andre Lawless Watch Video
Higgins Brothers Diabolo juggling toy, demonstrated by Don Higgins Watch Video
High Intencity Hanna Montana charm bracelet
Watch Video
Hog Wild Double Barrel Power Popper, demonstrated by Owen Holder Watch Video
Hornby Scalextric Cars, demonstrated by Mike Lucero Watch Video
Ice Meister Slicer grass-and-snow sled
Watch Video
Idbids Idbids eco-friendly plush
Watch Video
Innovation First Vex Mini Product robot kit, demonstrated by Doug Galletti
Watch Video
Innovation First Hex Bug robot kit, demonstrated by Doug Galletti Watch Video
Intellitoys SmartEdog interactive plush, demonstrated by Caroline Strzalka
Watch Video
Interactive Toy Concepts iFly Vamp2 RC vampire bat, demonstrated by Ian Chisholm Watch Video
Jackpopz Grandy plush organizer, demonstrated by Merideth Moore
Watch Video
Jackpopz Jackpack plush-holding backpack, demonstrated by Merideth Moore Watch Video
JamboKids Multinational Dolls Watch Video
Jamtown Sun Moon Star Drum, demonstrated by John Hayden Watch Video
Joobli Studios Shrinky Dinks Watch Video
Junior Tradesmen Brick-and-Mortar building kit, demonstrated by Greg Van Heerden Watch Video
KAPLA Deconstructing a KAPLA city, demonstrated by Toy Fair exhibitors, with special apperance by Puppetoys!
Watch Video
KidsGive Karito Kids - Piper doll, demonstrated by Laura M. Rangel Watch Video
Kids Preferred Charlie and Lola plush dolls
Watch Video
Kingka Kingka game, demonstrated by Sholeen Lou-Hsiao Watch Video
Klutz Fashions craft book
Watch Video
Kristal Educational Space Age Crystal Growing Kit Watch Video
Kristal Educational Dino Dig Kit Watch Video
Kubit2Me Kubit2Me tossing game: Truth or Dare, demonstrated by Mary Kay Russell
Watch Video
Laret Snacker Tracker Watch Video
LaTeenaz LaTeenaz Dolls
Watch Video
Lightup Toys Skull Lanyard, demonstrated by Josh Kelly
Watch Video
Little Adventures Costumes Watch Video
Little Colorado Kids Furniture
Watch Video
Little Partners Learning Tower Accessory Chalkboard, demonstrated by Carol Gamble Watch Video
Lollipop Kids Sweet-Enz hairbrush craft kit
Watch Video
Makit Products Make a Plate, demonstrated by Teri Fittz Watch Video
Maple Landmark Push-Pull Toys, demonstrated by Barbara Rainville Watch Video
Marylin's Own Flagger plush and book, demonstrated by Marilyn Millis Watch Video
Masteray Games 4Chess Watch Video
Mazeology Senet game, demonstrated by Elizabeth Carpenter Watch Video
Merillian Flibbix game, demonstrated by Jason Ivan
Watch Video
Mindstyle Rody Bank, demonstrated by Chris Galaviz
Watch Video
Mindtwister Element game, demonstrated by Michael Richie
Watch Video
Munoz Global TV Radio Phone
Watch Video
Munoz Global Bluetooth Glasses Watch Video
MusicalDNA Musical DNA Software, demonstrated by Ken Lemons
Watch Video
My Creative Fun Cardboard Dollhouse and Playhouses
Watch Video
Neat-Oh ZipBin Softie Wheelie, demonstrated by Zaida Arnieri
Watch Video
New Tech Kites Aereo "flying yo-yo", demonstrated by Chris Schultz Watch Video
NickNack Plush Golf Club Covers Watch Video
Nikko R2D2 Webcam Watch Video
Noodlehead Pawparazzi plush pets in purses, demonstrated by Chris Ryan
Watch Video
OgoSport CopterDart lawn game
Watch Video
Out of the Box Games Backseat Drawing game, demonstrated by Thomas Strom
Watch Video
OWI Orangutan solar robot, demonstrated by Craig Morioka Watch Video
Peapod Toys Sweatpea III MP3 player for kids, demonstrated by Dan Lemay
Watch Video
Peter's Group Stack And Stick Watch Video
PintSize Productions Food Chain Friends plush
Watch Video
Plan Preschool line: balancing toy
Watch Video
PlaSmart Paperoni craft kit
Watch Video
Playhut GoLive2 interactive baseball game, demonstrated by Calvin Lee & Jennifer Weaver
Watch Video
Playmobil Circus play set, demonstrated by Michelle Winfrey Watch Video
PrettyUgly UglyDolls - Baboo's Bird and Pugli, demonstrated by Alita Friedman Watch Video
Proud Holdings GridIron Masters game, demonstrated by Brett Proud Watch Video
Puppetoys Prehistoric Puppets Watch Video
Putumayo Kids Hawaiian Playground CD, demonstrated by Shana Kirsch
Watch Video
Puzzled Inc. Laminated Models, demonstrated by Jason Vickers
Watch Video
Randomline Squiggle-on-the-Go travel toy, demonstrated by John Kiely
Watch Video
Robotis Robot Kits, demonstrated by Jinwook Kim
Watch Video
Rocket USA Gus Fink designer toys, demonstrated by Michael Perry Watch Video
Rocket USA Whirlo Lightning novelty/science toy, demonstrated by Michael Perry Watch Video
Russimco Ltd Ecotronic Rocket, demonstrated by Simeon Oram Watch Video
RTL Games Destination game, demonstrated by Richard Doubtfire
Watch Video
Safari Ltd Mythical Realm action figures, narrated by Ramona Pariente
Watch Video
Safari Ltd Wildlife Wonders animal figures, narrated by Ramona Pariente Watch Video
Safari Ltd Wild Safari Dinos animal figures, narrated by Ramona Pariente Watch Video
Sand-Goh Sand-Goh sand-building kit, demonstrated by Jerry Taufield Watch Video
Schoenhut Piano Company Inc.
Piano Pals, demonstrated by Renee Trinca
Watch Video
Scribble Mats EZ Fold Scribble Mat, demonstrated by Andi Thea Watch Video
See abc's
See abc's educational system, demonstrated by B.J. Smith Watch Video
Serendipity Puzzler's Decor Kits, demonstrated by Diane Bucher Watch Video
Set Cubed board game Watch Video
Silly Willy Toys Zen stacking and balance game, demonstrated by Jerrett Metzger
Watch Video
Skullduggery Signature Pitch casting kit, demonstrated by Stephen Koehl Watch Video
Skuut Skuut push bike, demonstrated by Peter Emblad Watch Video
Slider The Unscooter, demonstrated by George Tarrab
Watch Video
SmartLab Fashion Studio, demonstrated by Jeff Fettinger Watch Video
Sprig Toys Sprig Vehicles Watch Video
Sok-O "Moonie" designer plush toy
Watch Video
Strategic Space 4Corners strategy game
Watch Video
Successful Kids Blunders, demonstrated by Aimee Symington
Watch Video
Sunny and Co Snow Monkey Puppet, demonstrated by Eddie Zhu Watch Video
Swinxs Swinxs outdoor game, demonstrated by Govert de Vries
Watch Video
Tails of Abbygail The Tails of Abbygail DVD, demonstrated by Al Link Watch Video
Terrapin Toys Mary's Soft Dough Bubble-gum scented modeling compound, demonstrated by Mary Newell Watch Video
The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Princess Palace
Watch Video
Timeless Toys Timeless Toys animal slippers
Watch Video
TOMY i-SOBOT, demonstrated by Matthew Werdoff
Watch Video
Top Shelf Holdings Polar Glacier heritage play set, demonstrated by Matt Peake
Watch Video
ToyQuest Touch Table electronic entertainment system
Watch Video
Treasure Dough Treasure Dough modeling clay with buried toys
Watch Video
Tryout Toys Sphereplay balance and coordination toy
Watch Video
Ttalf Night Yackle x-shaped ball, demonstrated by Patricia Littwin
Watch Video
Uberstix Catapult construction kit, demonstrated by Steve Grimshaw
Watch Video
Uberstix Scavenger Set Pirate Ship construction kit, demonstrated by Steve Grimshaw Watch Video
Uberstix Scavenger Set Land Sailer construction kit, demonstrated by Steve Grimshaw Watch Video
Unkle Skunkle Bambooga game, demonstrated by Katie Kershaw and co.
Watch Video
Vanuzza Multinational Dolls, demonstrated by Jennifer Toussaint-Cali Watch Video
Voxal Voxal 3-D Puzzle, demonstrated by Fabio Elias Watch Video
Whacky Music Whacky Chromo-Notes Composer Software, demonstrated by Craig Ramsell
Watch Video
Whimsy Works Twiggles wooden characters
Watch Video
Wide Ideas Extreme Snow Kit - Bear, demonstrated by Frank Hobbs
Watch Video
Wiggity Bang Flap Doodle game
Watch Video
Winning Kids Inc Traveling Bear educational system
Watch Video
World Wise Imports Curses game, demonstrated by Cheryl Stern
Watch Video
Young Scientist Club Magic School Bus Kits, demonstrated by Miss Frizzle
Watch Video
Yottoy Counting Garden, demonstrated by Peter Doodeheefver Watch Video
Zoobie Pets Panda-Ping convertible plush
Watch Video

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Videography by Chelsea Whitaker. Edited by Alison Marek and Michael

Alison MarekWriter's Bio: ALISON MAREK is an award-winning writer, director and cartoonist whose work has been published by Fairchild Publications and DC Comics (Piranha Press), broadcast on Showtime and other cable networks, and viewed worldwide in film festivals. See her short films and print work on Watch her nefarious villains in the web series Get inspired by her cartoons "Daily ARFFirmations to Unleash Your Inner Fido" at Phew! And then ...  Read more articles by this author


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