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1.9 Manufacturers Share: The Best Advice, Worst Advice, and Biggest Mistakes
The opinion of others - industry peers, friends, and family - can hold a lot of stake when you're trying to grow a fledgling business...


2.5 Manufacturers Answer: Why Go Green?
TDmonthly spoke with five manufacturers and asked them: Why is it important for children to play with "green," eco-friendly toys?...


3.10 Manufacturers on the Challenges Faced in the Toy Industry
TDmonthly asked manufacturers about the obstacles they’ve had to overcome on the road to success on the road to success...


4.11 Manufacturers Speak: What Inspired Me to Create My First Product
Have you ever looked at a toy and wondered (for better or for worse!), "how did someone think that up?" These 11 manufacturers tell us how they came up with their first product idea...


5.9 Manufacturers Speak: What It Takes to Bring A Product to Market
Bringing a new toy or game to market can be incredibly daunting. TDmonthly Magazine talked with manufacturers and asked them what it took, time-wise and money-wise, to get their products on store shelves...


6.10 Manufacturers Share Their Keys To Success In the Toy/Juvenile Products Industry
If you're thinking about getting into the toy business or are looking for some guidance, who better to get advice from than people already in the industry?...


7.Uglydolls Sit Pretty in 3,000 Stores
Uglydoll plush toys are so ugly they’re cute. The first Uglydoll was handmade by Sun-Min Kim as a present for David Horvath in 2001...


8.Woodstock Chimes Rings True
In 1979, Garry Kvistad was teaching music at a Midwestern university when he decided to make his first instrument — a xylophone constructed of aluminum lawn-chair tubes that he hung to be played by the wind...


9.Blackall Associates Crafts a Masterpiece
The unique and lifelike Masterpiece Dolls by Blackall Associates were an instant success when Shirley Blackall introduced them in 1998...


10.NuOp Design Thrives on Originality
In 2005, Frank Frisari and John McCoy pooled their talents to create geometric magnets and the flexible plastic Q-Man. Two years later, they have a line of colorful novelties...


11.Out of the Box Makes Its Own Rules
Word games, board games, dice games, card games. Party games, skill games, family games … Out of the Box Games makes every type of game imaginable...


12.Only Hearts Club Keeps Growing
Soft yet poseable, wholesome yet cool, Only Hearts Club dolls are an appealing alternative to the typical dolls marketed to girls ages 8 to 12...


13.Bling Bling Scores!
Real estate investor and photo/video producer Joseph Cassarino was introduced to Jeff McGill, the inventor of Bling Bling, in 2002. Cassarino was so impressed with McGill's preliminary outline that he decided to fund his company...


14.Secrist Shares Secrets, Gains Sales
Reborning — disassembling a doll and rebuilding it into a lifelike baby — has turned the business model upside down...


15.Safari Grows Fearlessly
Since 1980, Safari Ltd. has been making all types of realistic animal figures...


16.River Dolphin Toys Makes the Connection
A flying dog, a fish that walks on elephant legs, a seal with a lizard tail. Children can make these fantastic creatures with Zoomorphs...


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