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Articles by Kimberly Lau

Extreme Sports Tackle New Terrain (4/1/2006)
As summer approaches, adrenalin junkies now have even more sports to look forward to in the expanding extreme sports market.

Friendship Crafts Can Spread Like Wildfire (2/1/2006)
Friendship crafts are an excellent marketing tool, in and of themselves, since making these is so often a social activity.

Designing Toys for Tomorrow (12/1/2005)
How do toy designers satisfy everyone? TDmonthly Magazine spoke with a number of toy makers to find out.

Graphic Novels Give Comics a Good Name (9/1/2005)
Enter a major bookstore such as Borders or Barnes & Noble, and its "Graphic Novel" section may be as large as its "Mystery" or "Science Fiction" counterparts.

Designer Toys Go Mainstream (7/1/2005)
Until recently, designer toys were relegated to specialty and hobby stores aimed at collectors of underground art. Now the products are showing up in more mainstream venues.

Plug and Play Celebrates Video Game Simplicity (5/1/2005)
Plug and Play video games continue to fly under the radar of more popular game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Plug and Play is an excellent introduction to the world of video games for children, and parents are certain to be pleased by the price – $20 will buy a specially designed joystick and as many as 10 video games.

Board Games Find Their Niche (4/1/2005)
Board games occupy a unique genre of game play – both adults and children are avid consumers. Yet, in this highly competitive market, it takes more than just a creative idea or interesting game play to be the next Trivial Pursuit.

High Tech Gadgets for Hip Kids (3/1/2005)
As iPods, VAIOs, Blackberries and Treos become mainstays of modern adult life, children and teenagers have often lamented the lack of trendy electronic products targeted towards their age group. Finally, the toy industry has heard their cries.

For Fans, Anime is a Way of Life (2/1/2005)
Anime fans aren’t just watching the latest cartoons or reading up on their favorite characters – they’re living a lifestyle.

Anime Goes West (2/1/2005)
The rise of anime´s popularity has Western fans alert for new releases and American animators and filmmakers more interested in emulating their Japanese counterparts.

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