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Articles by Scott Ferguson

Jax Ltd. Inc. : Bringing Home Fun Games for All Ages (11/1/2004)
From the new How Tall Am I? game for young kids to the latest poker deck Dealing Shoe for all you Texas Hold Em sharks, JAX, Ltd. Inc has hot- wired the non-electronic games world with original fun for everyone from pre-schoolers through adults.

Hayes Specialty Corporation: Hot Fun in the Summertime, Wintertime or Anytime (10/1/2004)
Whether it’s a felt hat shaped like a beer mug, a set of casino chips, a Mardi Gras bracelet and matching tiara or a crucifix night light, Hayes Specialty Corporation is a novelty business mainstay and a players’ paradise, no matter what your game is

Not Your Mother´s Barbie, Anymore (7/1/2004)
Barbie has remained a penultimate collectible for those who cherish each Barbie transformation. And the rest of the Adult Collectibles category is morphing, too, along generational and economic lines of the new century

The Latest Formats Bring the World to the Latest Generation (7/1/2004)
In the evergreen Infant and Toddler market segments, book publishers and media content providers are eyeing products for the youngest children as fertile ground for new cultivation

East Meets West In A Street Battle For Today´s Action Faction (5/1/2004)
The post-Eisenhower era still deeply venerated the WWII military in 1964 when Hasbro introduced America to G. I. Joe

Highlights Among Recent Video Game Releases (5/1/2004)
With MTV, CBS and Time Magazine all releasing reviews and rankings of the latest hits in the world of video gaming

Video Games: An Endless Horizon Comes Into View (5/1/2004)
There is no doubt that the video gaming population is increasing exponentially as a component of the Toy and Hobby industry

Clap, Clap, Snap, Snap: Children´s Music Reviews (12/1/2003)
TDmonthly’s resident musician and producer Scott Ferguson tackles the world of children’s music, spoken word CDs and DVDs/Videos

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