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June 2004 | Vol. III - No. 6


The Latest Back to School Gadgets for Tweens

As students get older, what they carry to school becomes almost as important to them as what they wear to school. Even in states where school supplies are offered by the school to promote equality, students continue to show up with feathery pens and electronic gadgets.

The ultimate in high-tech school product is the Soundkase Sonic Boom backpack ($150) with speakers built in. Tweens can hook up a portable CD player, radio, or MP3 player to hear their favorite tunes anywhere, even on a walk to school. The backpack is the ultimate in cool, upgraded for the 2004 back to school season with lightweight Neodymium directional speakers. The backpack runs on 6 AA batteries. “We have found the battery pack lasts about ten hours. We do recommend rechargeable batteries,” advised Regional Sales Representative, Mark Larson who used the backpack on a trip to Europe.

Sakuro of America, maker of gel pens, keeps the innovative wheels turning with two new products. They are improving last year’s successful Permapaque metallic markers ($3.25 each; $13.30 for a 4-pack) into dual points, with a fine point on one end and a chisel tip on the other for more creative options. The Permapaque markers do not bleed through even the thinnest of papers, saving school desks and cleaning up school projects.

Sakuro also introduced the Gelly Rol Glaze ($19.80 for a 10-pack), which gives the raised, glossy appearance of a puffy paint, but with the accuracy of a pen. The pen comes in nine colors and a clear gloss.

KidzMouse, maker of child sized computer accessories, is launching its first Tween-targeted products in 2004. The new KidzMouse Keys ($39.95) is a simpler, 67 key, color-coded and uniquely shaped keyboard. It is designed so a computer can have two keyboards plugged in at one time, which makes it easy for a family to switch between their adult or teen users, and their tween or younger users. Also, at the suggestion of tweens, KidzMouse has added to their original line, an optical mouse ($29.95) with a scroll wheel feature.

The Pencil Grip has a new product for Tweens in 2004 called Bookzup ($2.50). The product can hold a book up on a desk for students to be able to read or see easily when taking notes or working problems.

Pennie HooverWriter's Bio: Pennie, a graduate of Indiana University School of Journalism, is a freelance writer and lives with her husband and three children in Visalia, Calif. Read more articles by this author


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