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A Broader View's Round Table Puzzles Give Every Kid a Chance to Play (4/1/2014)
Roger Andresen, founder of A Broader View, is a problem solver. When he thought about how families and friends put together jigsaw puzzles, he realized that at least one person is always working upside down or sideways, craning his neck to see the main picture being assembled. As an engineer, he knew there had to be a better way

Mayfair Games Plays to Hobbyists and Families (7/1/2010)
The world’s largest publisher of railroad games is building a bridge between families and hobby gamers. Mayfair Games hopes to make titles such as Hey, That's My Fish appeal to both uber-gamers and

An App a Day Keeps Boredom Away (12/1/2009)
Any one of us has probably seen the following scene unfold: Someone is in line at the coffee shop, or bored in a waiting room, so out pops the iPhone.

Zhu Zhu, Bakugan and Fashion Dolls Heat Up Holiday Toy Lists (11/1/2009)
There's no shortage of gloomy economic forecasts, nor is there a shortage of creativity, value and, yes, affordability coming from today's toymakers

How the iPod is Changing Kids' Lives (11/1/2009)
Will Apple's iPod come to rule the world — even for kids? With an increasing number of books, music and games for children created as iPhone apps, and parents who aren't afraid to hand over their "toy"

New Trading Card Games Make “Magic” (10/1/2009)
Good friends. Fantastic images. Evolving play. Collectible card games have quite a draw. Experts in competitions and novices hanging with friends both come for quick fixes of addicting games.

Holiday Toy Lists: What's Hot This Year (10/1/2009)
In the November issue of TDmonthly Magazine, see which toys and games are dominating the hot holiday lists for Christmas

Kids’ Music Gets “Ziggy” (9/1/2009)
It’s no surprise that the powerful tween market is ruling choices in kids’ music, too. As of Aug. 31, the top-10 best-selling children’s albums on included the tween-targeted “Kidz Bop 16,” featuring pop tunes such as Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”

Transformers and Classic Superheroes Rule Action Figure Lineups (8/1/2009)
This year's action figure offerings are full of classic favorites and fresh faces. Many of the anticipated best sellers are coming to stores by way of the big or small screen, promising to captivate children and adult collectors even in a tight economy.

Hannah Montana and Princesses Reign (7/1/2009)
When 3-year-old Hailey Farrant of Beachwood, N.J., isn't dressing up herself, she's dressing up one of her dolls.

From the Big Screen to the Toy Aisle (6/1/2009)
Just as a movie starring an A-list celebrity will bring in big bucks opening weekend, toys tied to famous licenses can also have smashing premieres. Experts warn, however, that it’s important to be smart when buying

Fairies and Classic Water Toys Hit the Back Yard (5/1/2009)
A day at the beach is wonderful, but not always practical or affordable, which is why toy manufacturers this year are especially focused on bringing the amenities of a warm vacation to people’s own back yards.

Riding Toys Evolve With New Style and Design (4/1/2009)
On a typical sunny day, you can see Hailey and C.J. Farrant, 3 years old and 23 months, riding their Fisher-Price Power Wheels in the backyard of their Beachwood, N.J., home.

Video Games Enthrall With Tales and Technology (3/1/2009)
New technology and expanding storylines are drawing in fans of video games this year. The best and the brightest are those that grasp the prevailing technology and take players to the worlds they want to visit.

Classics and Creativity Make Their Way to Toy Fair (2/1/2009)
The toys manufacturers are bringing to the Toy Industry Association’s 2009 Toy Fair, Feb. 15-18, are as high profile as the show itself. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect among the hundreds of mass-market and specialty items debuting at the show.

Watching Out for “Watchmen” (1/1/2009)
A black bat silhouetted against a yellow background. And a smiley face button splashed with blood:

Bumpy Ride Ahead, Economists Predict (6/1/2008)
The country’s in recession or it’s not, claim economists as they continue to debate the strength and depth of our current financial woes.

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