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Articles by Megan Thorpe

Activity Kits Worth Digging Into (10/1/2004)
Youngsters want to express themselves; parents want to keep kids entertained. The solution: A variety of new activity kits guaranteed to beat boredom

New Play Sets for 2004 (10/1/2004)
These play sets keep kids entertained for hours and are full-participation activities that are so fun, even adults will want to play

The Dawning of a New Age: Interactive and Electronic Products (9/1/2004)
With a focus on fun as well as school curriculum, interactive and electronic learning products for kids of all ages have become extremely popular in recent years

All Aboard! Planes, Trains, Automobiles…and Picnic Coolers? (8/1/2004)
With what Life-Like calls some good old-fashioned American ingenuity and a little determination, the company turned again to its new foam material for the answers. And, it found them. Today, the LIFOAM division of Life-Like remains the industry’s innovator and leader, holding more patents than anyone else

The Cul-De-Sac Will Never Be the Same: New Ride-Ons for Toddlers (8/1/2004)
Whether it’s trucks, tractors, Big Wheels or cars, ride-on toys are just as popular today as they were when the first pedal car hit the pavement

Imagination and Cooperation to the Rescue: Hot Toys for Preschoolers in 2004 (7/1/2004)
Play is a way for preschoolers to gain many of the important tools they will use in life

The Peace Rug Stops Fights…Really! (5/1/2004)
School yard fights, unruly bullies and verbal taunts. Each year, these age-old problems are dealt with by "traditional" methods

Are We There Yet? Travel Toys for 2004 (5/1/2004)
Here’s a selection of travel toys that’ll have families packing their bags and saying "Bon Voyage"!

Mini-Mouse: A Pint-Sized Mouse for a Pint-Sized Hand (5/1/2004)
Children´s educational and game software is becoming increasingly popular in today´s technology-driven world

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