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Article Archive: Card Games
Top-10 Most-Wanted Games
These fun and engaging games are best-sellers for a reason...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
With additional reporting by Brenda RuggieroEveryone loves a good card game, adults and kids alike. Keep these best-sellers on your store shelves to see consistent sales - they're fun to demo, too. *No manufacturer paid to be included in this list. All products listed were designated by editorial staff without...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
Card games are a perennial favorite for kids and families, and as the weather gets colder and there's less to do outdoors, we thought we'd interview retailers about their best-sellers...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
Retailers dealt out an unsurprising fact when surveyed about their best-selling card games in September of 2013 - Spot It! from Blue Orange is still number one...


Card Games and More
These Toys to Talk About were all named as best-sellers by at least one store TDmonthly interviewed...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Games
When TDmonthly Magazine interviewed retailers about their best selling games in a February 2013 survey, more than half said Spot It! from BLUE ORANGE GAMES was still number 1...


Q&A With Bob Moog, Co-Founder of University Games
Bob Moog, co-founder of University Games, recently took the time to speak with TDmonthly Magazine. Below, he explains how University Games was started, how he hopes their games affect kids' lives, and why innovation is essential to succeeding in the toy and game industry...


Toys to Talk About: Card Games
Check out these recently added specialty and mass-market card games...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
When TDmonthly Magazine interviewed retailers about their Top-10 best selling card games, six of the 12 retailers we spoke with said that Spot It from BLUE ORANGE continued to be the best seller...


Check out these specialty and mass-market games...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
When TDmonthly asked 14 retailers in September 2011 what their top-selling card games were, their responses ranged from classics like Old Maid to relative new-comers like Cabo from EVENTIDE GAMES...


Q & A With John Shelley, Creator of the Bag-O-Loot Card Game
When TDmonthly Magazine spoke with John Shelley, creator of the up-and-coming card game Bag-O-Loot, he had lots of advice to share with aspiring game designers, based on his recent venture into the toy and game industry...


ASTRA Preview: General Games
View new games from companies who will be attending the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy this year...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
SET Enterprises and Gamewright are playing their cards right when it comes to game sales, an August 2010 retailer survey revealed...


TDmonthly’s Psychologist Mom
Psychologist Mom enjoyed card games with her two tween-aged sons and got to kick around a soccer ball that supports eco-friendly practices and respect for all...


Holiday Preview: Games, Part 1


Holiday Preview: Games, Part 2


Games Engage on Camera
EeBoo and Education Outdoors put families in the mood to venture outside with assignments of gathering a garden and finding that ever-elusive snipe...


Summary of Online Toy Reviews
TDmonthly’s Review Scout scours the Web weekly for reviews of new and hot products so you don’t have to spend your time searching. Out of thousands of blog, retail and other sites, his research uncovers toys, games and other gifts that are worthy of your attention...


Top-20 Most-Wanted Games: Part 1
Enter 2010, and Bananagrams continues to hold steady as the No. 1 game among specialty retailers, revealed a survey of 38 specialty toy-store owners and buyers...


Top-20 Most-Wanted Games: Part 2
You know about the frenzy over Bananagrams and Set Enterprises' trio of popular games, but what about the games just behind the top-10 best sellers? To help ensure your store has the best possible selection, we've outlined the top-20 games customers want most...


Pentago Goes Multi-Player, Multi-Dimensional
Mindtwister USA is ratcheting up the mental pyrotechnics of its popular, award-winning Pentago game with the introduction of a multi-player, multi-dimensional version...


TastyTalk and PetTalk Spur Fun Family Conversations
This month, TDmonthly Magazine’s Grade School Roundtable families got talking with two TableTalk Conversation Card games. TastyTalk and PetTalk, from U.S. Games Systems, encouraged all sorts of conversation among participants...


Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
Set Enterprises still holds the best hand when it comes to card game sales in specialty toy stores. Nearly half of 38 retailers surveyed by TDmonthly Magazine named Set, Quiddler or Five Crowns when asked about their top sellers...


New Trading Card Games Make “Magic”
Good friends. Fantastic images. Evolving play. Collectible card games have quite a draw. Experts in competitions and novices hanging with friends both come for quick fixes of addicting games...


My Best Sellers: Moon Rabbit Toys
At Moon Rabbit Toys in Santa Fe, N.M., the focus is fun for all ages, and customers are encouraged to try out products before they buy them...


Holiday Preview - Games
Whether making matches or blurting out the answer is the way to win, these new games have plenty to offer when it comes to fun and … a little bit of learning, too! See bridges, balancing acts and big bites in TDmonthly’s Holiday Preview of Games...


TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
In August, TDmonthly Magazine spoke to 64 specialty retailers about their best-selling card games...


Challenges of Chess Spawn Line of Educational Cards
A passion for chess was behind Jean-Pierre Grenier’s line of educational and souvenir playing-card decks. But it was his weakness in the game that sparked the idea for his first product...


Regional Reports: What’s Selling … and Where
Only interested in what’s going on in your market? Take a peek by region to see what to stock and when to think twice:...


TDmonthly’s Psychologist Mom
Dr. Wright put on her sports mind for this round of reviews, delving into soccer, football and racing. Read on to see how the products scored:...


Collect These Cards
The plethora of card games on the market makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other, 32 specialty retailers told TDmonthly Magazine, though classic decks for Old Maid, Rummy, Gin and Go Fish still make the “cut”...


TDmonthly's Top-10 Most-Wanted Card Games
Set by Set Enterprises dominates the card games category, according to 32 specialty retailers who recently spoke with TDmonthly Magazine...


Homeschoolers: Blast Off With Baseball
Conquest on the baseball diamond and controlling the universe are the themes of this month's Homeschool Roundtable games...


A Good Deal for Stockings
Card games are a quick, fun impulse buy that can be used as a last-minute gift, stocking stuffer or a self-treat for having suffered through the holiday shopping...


Out of the Box Makes Its Own Rules
Word games, board games, dice games, card games. Party games, skill games, family games … Out of the Box Games makes every type of game imaginable...


Giddy Goose 'n Gander: Imagination at Work
Gerry Groundwater, owner and founder of Giddy Goose ‘n Gander Games, is serious about the importance of thinking outside of the box in the games market...


TDmonthly’s Top 10 Most Wanted Card Games
Recently, retailers told TDmonthly Magazine that games of all kinds sold awesome over the holidays and through the month of January — more so, even, than in recent years...


Licensed to Mint
Are there any new collectible card games on the horizon likely to sell as well as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh?...


Toy Fair 2005: Card Games
The following product summaries were mainly supplied by manufacturers, who selected their top product per product category to highlight in 2005...


New & Notable Toys: Card Games
Check out these new and noteworthy toys...


Collectible Trading Card Games Go Deck to Deck
Since Pokémon reached billion dollar success, soon followed by Yu-Gi-Oh!, every collectible card game publisher has been turning his or her eyes to anime licenses, looking for an equally winning hand...


Tween Girls Taking to the Collectible Trading Card Craze in Their Own Fashion
It has become a no-brainer that collectible trading cards have emerged as an enormously popular toy segment within the past 10 years. As the category expands, so too does the audience. Tween girls are next in line to share in the joy...


GAMA Trade Show Unveils Collectible Card Games to Watch
This year’s Game Manufacturers’ Association (GAMA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nev. attracted the top hobby game retailers from across the world...


Collectible Cards Taking Charge
Ask a boy between ages 8 to 14 what he wants for a birthday or Christmas gift, you are as likely to hear clamors for “Yu-Gi-Oh Exodia!” as for old assorted favorites like Monopoly or Hot Wheel playset...


Games & Puzzles Move Beyond the Box
Taking a simple medium to whole new level, these familiar pastimes—whether shared with family and friends or played solo—have evolved considerably over the past few decades. Now, puzzles and games often involve interactive components that stretch the mind along with the field of play. The following innovative games and puzzles reflect the expansive market,...


Card Games--Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! $26 Billion in Sales in North America
Card games have come a long way since Solitaire and the perennial UNO. Card games have struck a chord with consumers and this industry continues to see strong sales gains. The trading card frenzy has revitalized the category...


The Boys´ Share of the Tween Market
In the toy and hobby world, the tween market has become a hot commodity for retailers. Reyne Rice, toy trend specialist for the Toy Industry Association, explains that the industry focus for the last few years has been to retain that particular age group in toy products...


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