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February 2008 | Vol. VII - No. 2


Toddler Roundtable: Nuchi Train Rolls Out Fun

Wooden Set Salutes Simplicity

“I like the simple, classic style. Like the box says, it's about nuts and bolts, not bells and whistles, that are best for children.” Rebecca Heinrich, mother
The Little Little Little Toy Company’s Nuchi™ 15-Piece Circle Train Set delighted TDmonthly Magazine’s Toddler Roundtable with a simple layout, interlocking tracks and magnets that link the colorful cars and accessories. Some parents, however, pointed out that the simplicity could be limiting and the magnets might be troublesome.

Participating in this month’s Roundtable were: Anna Bendorf with Ashlyn (2); Christy Chambers with Nigel (3); Diana del Pozo with JoJo (2); and Rebecca Heinrich with Collin (3).

Nuchi 15-Piece Circle Train Set by The Little Little Little Toy Company
Age: 2 and Up
Gender: Boys and Girls
Category: Wooden Toys
MSRP: $17.99

TDmonthly rating:

What It Is: A basic, colorful wooden train set — with three cars, eight interlocking curved tracks and two trees — that uses magnets to keep the train cars together.

What the Moms Thought
Most of the moms liked the toy’s simplicity and well-made wooden design. Chambers noted that “the wood pieces were finished nicely … and a great size for small hands.”

Heinrich told TDmonthly Magazine that the simple design allows children to make freer use of their imagination. “I like the simple, classic style,” she said. “Like the box says, it's about nuts and bolts, not bells and whistles, that are best for children.”

All of the moms liked the fact that the clever packaging provided an easy place to store the train once playtime was over.

What the Kids Said
Colin (3) “first set up the track in a circle just like the picture, but after a while he took it apart and made a snake” before integrating the set with another train set he owned. This toy quickly became one of Ashlyn’s (2) favorites: “She kept saying 'wow' every time she saw the train go around the tracks,” reported her mom.

Nigel (3) has been a fan of trains for a while and he immediately put the set together out of the box. JoJo (2) was with a young family member when her train arrived and both she and her friend were eager to play with the toy and “loved the colors and style.”

How to Improve It
Several parents noted safety concerns and problems with structure and simplicity. Chambers and Heinrich pointed out that the toy is not made in the U.S., raising some concerns in light of the recent recalls. Chambers noted that “the cargo for the cars falls off too easily,” and Heinrich said the magnets, when linked up by the wrong ends, do not allow the cars to connect.

Bendorf said, “I think that it would be more fun if there were more cars of different kinds to go on the train tracks.” She also noted that the trees frequently fell over.

Would You Want Another Toy Like This?
Many of the participants liked the toy and Del Pozo even gave it a 5+, but parents noted that in a market filled with wooden train sets, this one did not especially stand out.

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