So Fresh and So Clean: Bathtime and Boo Boo Products
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November 2003 | Vol. II - No. 11

November 2003 | Vol. II - No. 11 TDmonthly SEARCH

So Fresh and So Clean: Bathtime and Boo Boo Products


Heart shaped Soap with Toy Horse

Glycerin Soaps with Toy Horse

International World of Toys’ Talking Soap

Tigger Scrubbie

Turtle Towel

Good Hygiene is easy with products that bring smiles to the faces of both parents and children.


We all know how dirty kids get. Now the Buford Saddle and Tack Co. has created a line of clear glycerin soaps with toy horses imbedded inside ($3.25) that are sure to cure juvenile soap-phobia. Bubble Gum Soaps ($5.50) also have a line of clear soaps with plastic or rubber bugs, dinosaurs, butterflies or dolphins within.

International World of Toys’ Talking Soap ($5.50) is rounded soap adorned with the faces of characters (Clara Chute, Heidi Hoop, Bermuda Bob, and Roller Bob) in fruit scents. When the soap is moved or immersed in water, different character sayings are triggered.

Mitts, Scrubbers, Towels

Pooh and Friends Bath Scrubbies by The First Years ($3.99) are mesh bath sponges adorned with Pooh character heads. Tigger's face sprouts from a tutu of lime green mesh, delighting any child.

Bathtime Buddy Bear and Bathtime Buddy Dog ($3.97 each) are terry wash mitts with a bear or dog perched on a finger. Bath Babies ($5.75), a line of terry cloth animals, have a strap across the top to fit around a child's hand. Lamaze’s Starfish Mama & Baby Bath Mitts ($9.99/set) are great for adult-assisted bathing.

Tuttibellakids' Bath Towels, with a hood in the shape of a puppy, poodle, monkey, horse or flower ($39.99), are ready to be wrapped around a kid after a bath. Fluid Friends Towels for bath or beach have pockets and a hood in the shape of a sea creature (dolphin, mermaid, shark, stingray and turtle) for $15.99.

Pocket Pals

Herbal Wrap Cat

Hot & Cold Therapy Pig

Boo Boo Helpers

No discussion of children's hygiene products is complete without talking about “boo boos” and “owies.” Curad has a whole line of kids’ bandages featuring characters from Looney Tunes, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Star Wars and Pokemon for $2.49. They even have a set of neon bandages, some in tattoo designs, and a box of dragon and dinosaur bandages.

BooBoo Pac ($14.94 for a set of two), a bear-shaped silica gel pack, can be put into the freezer to soothe a scrape or bruise. Zapf Creations (Toydirectory) includes a Boo Boo Buddy Cold Pack in a tote with its Maggie Raggies Boo Boo Buddy ($9.99).

Warm Whiskers has the ultimate soothers. Pocket Pals ($9.95), buckwheat and lavender-filled plush animals, can be popped into the freezer for use as an ice pack or in the microwave for a warm ache reliever. In the shape of a plush cat or otter, Herbal Wrap Cat ($35.95) can be heated or frozen to be used as a neck relaxer. Finally, Bearbizzzzzzzz offers Hot & Cold Therapy Plush Animals ($24.95). These bears, frogs, pigs, and koalas come with a removable wheat pack, which can be microwaved or frozen. They make comforting pets for a sick child or a great bed warmer on cold winter nights.

Writer's Bio: The mother of two grown children (an artist and a musician), writer Janie Franz once was a radio announcer and did booking for a rock band.


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