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August 2007 | Vol. VI - No. 8


TDmonthly Toy Video Crew Finds New Toys at ASTRA

Manufacturers Demonstrate Their New Toys for You

If you missed the ASTRA show in Las Vegas, don't despair! TDmonthly's Toy Video crew picked up some of the greatest new companies and toys for the specialty market. Watch manufacturers demo their toys for you on the trade show floor, and then see which toys made the Toy Video Top-10 List.

You can also check out other TDmonthly Toy Video trade show coverage for 2007 and 2006, including Toy Fair, WTHRA and Games Expo.

Manufacturers: Find out how a TDmonthly Video attracts buyers. Videography and editing by Alison Marek.

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Answers in Motion Thumball demonstrated by Gregg & Mary Pembleton (7/16/07) Watch Video
Artist Point Gift Wrap Giftwrap demonstrated by Stewart Rosenberg (7/11/07) Watch Video
Balitono Inc. Works of Ahhh… Wood Painting Kits demonstrated by Yu Oen (7/16/07) Watch Video
Beka, Inc. Bean Bag Toss demonstrated by Marion Seeley Kreisman (7/11/07) Watch Video
Blue Orange Games Quack Quack (Wood Goodies Collection) demonstrated by Adeline Bertrix (7/16/07) Watch Video
Brain Noodles LLC Brain Noodles demonstrated by Mary Ann Lombard (7/11/07) Watch Video
Continuum Games Inc. Discombobulation demonstrated by Greg Hughes (7/11/07) Watch Video
Corolle Les Dollies demonstrated by Beau James (7/11/07) Watch Video
Creations By You My Photo Story demonstrated by Elizabeth Quinlan (7/16/07) Watch Video
DARDA Racetrack Demo demonstrated by Paul R. Weisman (7/11/07) Watch Video
Design Your Own Design Your Own Air Rocket demonstrated by Lewis Rudzki (7/11/07) Watch Video
Discmo LLC Discmo Sets demonstrated by Jay Gibson (7/11/07) Watch Video
Dolls By Berenguer Mini La Newborn demonstrated by Mark Putinski (7/11/07) Watch Video
Dragonfly Innovations Clay Bead Pen Project demonstrated by Scott Dalgleish (7/11/07) Watch Video
Education Outdoors Inc. Camp demonstrated by Tim Paczesny (7/11/07) Watch Video
Elm Education Marketing WordTeasers demonstrated by Susan Flora (7/11/07) Watch Video
EzyRoller EzyRoller demonstrated by Denis Allais (7/11/07) Watch Video
Garageco Toys Inc. Yo Baby Practice Board demonstrated by Brooks Ellis (7/11/07) Watch Video
GeoSpace R/C Stunt Robocar demonstrated by Dennis Binkley (7/16/07) Watch Video
Granza Inc. Adoptable Kinders demonstrated by Greg Goodenbury (7/11/07) Watch Video
Grape Games Bouta Face demonstrated by Michael Weinstein (7/11/07) Watch Video
Griddly Games Inc. Griddly Headz Games demonstrated by Penny Osborn (7/11/07) Watch Video
Hammination Cartooning: Shortcuts, Formulas, & Cheap Tricks demonstrated by Gene Hamm (7/11/07) Watch Video
Heidi's Home Design LLC Crutch Critters demonstrated by Donna Slade (7/16/07) Watch Video
Hip Hop Baby LLC Hip Hop, Baby! demonstrated by Candi Carter (7/11/07) Watch Video
Horizon Hobby, Inc. Hobby Zone Millennium PTU RTF demonstrated by Chris Sheppard (7/11/07) Watch Video
Integrated Global Solutions Rocking SeeSaw demonstrated by Lynda Pohlmeyer-Sheen (7/11/07) Watch Video
Invent A Tent Invent A Tent demonstrated by Cameron Scott (7/11/07) Watch Video
Kapla USA Color Squares demonstrated by Ben Takemori (7/16/07) Watch Video
Kidsgive LLC Karito Kids and Accessories demonstrated by Laura Rangel (7/11/07) Watch Video
Mark-My-Time LLC Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark demonstrated by Maureen Farinella (7/11/07) Watch Video
Mayron Cole Music Conservatory Inc. Piano Made Easy demonstrated by Colleen Cole (7/16/07) Watch Video
Mazeology Invisible Diaries demonstrated by Elizabeth Carpenter (7/16/07) Watch Video
Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc. Lonpos 84T Ultimate Pyramid Game demonstrated by Tony Cross (7/16/07) Watch Video
Molly P. Originals Ethnic Collection demonstrated by Al Angel (7/11/07) Watch Video
Near Nature Corporation Dig It Up! Kits demonstrated by Tony Sangvacharakul (7/11/07) Watch Video
Neat-Oh! International ZipBin Playsets demonstrated by Paul Rubin (7/11/07) Watch Video
Odyssey Toys Animal Adventures demonstrated by Andrew Klein (7/11/07) Watch Video
OWI Inc. Mini Solar Robots demonstrated by Craig Morioka (7/11/07) Watch Video
Perennial Toys King Eider Sets demonstrated by Holly Hitzemann (7/11/07) Watch Video
Plastwood Corporation Supermag Playset: Super Circus demonstrated by Federico Bianchi (7/16/07) Watch Video
Play Odyssey Inc. Character Creator: Robots demonstrated by Meera Gill (7/11/07) Watch Video
Playful Life Playful Chef demonstrated by Lisa Ligon (7/11/07) Watch Video
Rokenbok Toy Company Rok Junior demonstrated by Todd Wagner (7/10/07) Watch Video
Rubbing Hands Get the Gem demonstrated by Chris Friden (7/11/07) Watch Video
Safari Ltd. Red River Ranch Bam & Stable demonstrated by Lissette Paez (7/11/07) Watch Video
See Through Games Paradice demonstrated by Francesca Mello (7/11/07) Watch Video
Skuut LLC Skuut demonstrated by Peter Emblad (7/11/07) Watch Video
The Imaginative Child I'm a Star! & I'm a Doctor Kits demonstrated by Dr. Allison Mullady (7/11/07) Watch Video
The Orb Factory, Ltd. Sticky Mosaics demonstrated by Melissa Milne (7/11/07) Watch Video
The Toy Workshop, LLC Modo Bitz demonstrated by Tanya Sayce (7/11/07) Watch Video
Tinker Minds Inc Aerobloks demonstrated by Dick Liou (7/11/07) Watch Video
Top Shelf Holdings LLC Rose Cottage demonstrated by Matthew Peake (7/11/07) Watch Video
Toys N' Tayls Toys N' Tayls demonstrated by Sarah Itzhaki (7/11/07) Watch Video
Ttalf Corporation Night Yackle demonstrated by Charles Littwin (7/11/07) Watch Video
Westwork Designs Castle and Cathedral Blocks demonstrated by Steven Hurd (7/16/07) Watch Video
Winscott Corporation MiYu Magic Stones demonstrated by Gail Jackman (7/11/07) Watch Video
Woodland Magic Imports Woodman Concept Kits and Carpenter Case demonstrated by Eric Masoncup (7/16/07) Watch Video

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