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September 2004 | Vol. III - No. 9


TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted - Mini Dolls for the Holiday Season

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1. Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends 5.5 ” ($8.99, 4+) by Bandai. Yum! Each girl is back with her little signature scent.

  • Listed as the #8 most searched doll in the last month on Lycos 50.
  • Sold 1.2 billion (including accessories) in the 5 yrs of its first run.
  • 80% of women 18-35 recognize the brand according to American Greetings.

2. Disney Mini Princess Play Set Deluxe ($19.50, ages 3+) by Disney. Wardrobe change! Clothes are the most important part of any movie and these dolls certainly fit the roll.

  • A new set of Disney Princess DVDs will be out in September.
  • Disney Princess magazine sells 10 million copies worldwide.
  • Disney and their licensees sell 25,000 princess-themed products, according to USA Today.

3. 5-Sies by MGA Entertainment These 1.5” babies are perfect for little ones who are not quite ready for Bratz.

  • MGA had 650 million in sales last year.
  • Accessories are age appropriate like milk bottles and teething rings.
  • Currently a finalist for the Family Fun Toy of the Year Awards announced at the end of September.

4. My Little Pony: Glitter Pony Ponies ($4.99, 3+) by Hasbro

Every girl wants a pony and this one comes with a brush to style her mane.

  • NPD group ranks it the #3 mini doll property for tweens.
  • According to CNNmoney, Garbage Pail Kids Are Back “It became a multi-million dollar product for the toy maker and spawned a televsion show…”
  • Early Adopter product #42 on

5. Polly Pocket: Dazzlin Pet Show Divine Dogs ($14.99, age 3+) by Mattel

Credited as founding the mini craze, Polly’s playsets are still strong performers.

  • Polly Pocket won the 2003 Nation Retail Federation Award.
  • Top mini doll property for tween girls according to the NPD group.
  • Pet show is a common factor in comparison of Bestsellers on and (8.9.04).

6. Secret Central: Class of 05’ (Approx $4.99, ages 4+) by Hasbro

Move over O.C., this high school drama plays out on handwritten notes and online messages.

  • The interactive website features 80 second cartoons and gets 1 million visitors a month.
  • A live-action-direct-to-video will be released this fall.
  • Girls can unlock the characters’ locker and read their diaries. Approximately 300,000 new lockers have been created.

7. Shorties: Fashion Minis (44.99, 6+) by Mattel

Go ahead and exaggerate in this 2.5” hilarious world filled with unique proportions.

  • In These Dolls Really Stink by CNNmoney, Consultant Chirs Bryne says, “I think these are very clever….Shorties will be a strong niche product.”
  • They are popular among girls 7-10 surveyed.
  • Inspired by Japanese animation, they’re featured as “What’s Japanese and Hot” by BusinessWeek, July 26th.

8. T*Neez: Scenes ($4.99, ages 4+) by Bandai

The name says it all for these petite fashionistas with Japanese inspired looks and themed accessories like a digital assistant.

  • They have unique “magic feet” that are magnetic and trigger light or sound features.
  • There will be a “comprehensive marketing campaign” launched in the fall according to Bandai.
  • Japanese street culture influences today’s cutting edge teen fashions.

9. Cliq ( $7.99, age 4+ ) by Manley Toy Quest

These five trendsetters each represent a high school clique; even the book-worms and rebels are included.

  • Rated well among girls ages 7-10 surveyed.
  • In a company test of the products, girls liked the functionality.
  • Already on shelves at Toys R US, and at Walmart in September; a national TV ad to be aired soon.

10. Lil Bratz:Lil´ High School Lockers (Approx $9.99, 4+) by MGA Entertainment

Lockers are the best place to socialize in high school, but these even have essentials like books and pens.

  • #1 selling mini doll in the UK according to MGA.
  • Bratz won 8 of the top 100 overall best sellers in 2003.
  • Included above, Lil’ Bratz Pax ranked as #2 in the mini category.

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