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Fashion Dolls Get Edgier and More Ethnic

When Bratz burst onto the fashion doll scene in 2001, the industry was forever changed. The 10 inch vinyls exude fashion sense and a hip, urban attitude that little girls want to emulate. The success of Bratz means Barbie no longer has a solid lock on what is considered acceptable for the industry. As a result, doll designers have the opportunity to experiment...READ MORE


Electronic Learning for Kids: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Electronic learning toys currently account for nearly 10% of annual sales in the $21 billion toy industry. Overall, educational toys are the fastest growing segment in the toy industry. Current trends within the electronic learning toy segment include:...READ MORE


Wink & Blink’s New Video Series Makes Learning an Adventure!

Everyone knows that children are curious. Even at a very young age they are eager to understand how the world around them works. From inquiring about how the mail gets to their house, to wondering where the food in the grocery store comes from, or even questioning what happens to the trash after the garbage truck takes it all away, kids just want to know....READ MORE


The People Advantage: Staffing for Success

For most retailers, the quality of the staff is a key sustainable competitive advantage and point of differentiation from their competitors. While each store may have a different product mix, it’s the employees and their level of customer service that makes the difference between success and failure...READ MORE


Oregon Scientific: Children´s Learning Devices

Steve Jackson, executive vice president of Oregon Scientific has been involved in the toy industry most of his life. "The greatest influence on my success has been an insatiable drive to provide a fun and valuable play experience for kids...READ MORE


Simpich Character Dolls Embody Storybook Fantasies

Nestled in historic Old Colorado City is a workshop filled with elves. It´s a land of enchantment filled with storybook characters...READ MORE


Containing Children´s Play Places

Most parents know that young children have an abundance of energy and the more we encourage exercise, the healthier our children will be...READ MORE


Shouldn´t Barbie Have to Change Too?

I´ve been trying to live up to the Barbie ideal all my life and I still don´t measure up. Sure, Mattel has attempted to make her more realistic ... Big deal. Barbie is what now - 45 years old? When I received my first Barbie doll in 1965 she looked 16. By now, she should have aged like the rest of us, right? I suppose I have to give Mattel their due and say she has. She now looks at least 16-1/2 ...READ MORE


Be Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Rush

Be prepared for the holiday shopping rush with these timely released products. This is the second in a series of two sections that will feature products to stock-up on in time for the holiday season...READ MORE


TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Lists: A Buying Manual for the Holiday Season

TDmonthly Magazine reaches 142,500 readers on the Internet and has 24,500 retailer subscribers. You are our audience and our goal is to enhance your business, so we decided to prepare categorical retailer buying guides for the holiday season. We’ve compiled this information into several TDmonthly Top 10 Most Wanted Lists based on items consumers will want most for the holiday season...READ MORE


Toys to Talk About

"Toys to Talk About" features dozens of exciting companies and products! So, make sure you´re clued in and see what everyone´s talking about.

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Fashion Dolls Get Edgier and More Ethnic  Electronic Learning for Kids:  Working Hard or Hardly Working?  Wink & Blink’s New Video Series Makes Learning an Adventure!  The People Advantage: Staffing for Success  Oregon Scientific: Children´s Learning Devices  Simpich Character Dolls Embody Storybook Fantasies  Containing Children´s Play Places  Shouldn´t Barbie Have to Change Too?  Be Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Rush  TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted Lists: A Buying Manual for the Holiday Season  Toys to Talk About 

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