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Articles by Rosette Gonzales

Fairy Dust and Fairy Wings Bring Sparkles and Glitter to Everything (10/1/2004)
Kids can transform into a fairy by making wings, a tiara and a sparkling wand. Little artists can create a magical, fantasy land on paper or on their bedroom wall

Trikke - A Total Body Experience (8/1/2004)
Trikke is quickly becoming popular not only for outdoor recreational transport but for its fitness qualities as well. It’s no wonder Trikke has found favor with celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt

Toys R Us (8/1/2004)
Toys R Us Inc. may sell its toy business and put its retailing efforts toward its thriving baby product specialty store Babies "R" Us, the company said Wednesday, August 11. Plans to restructure the businesses to become two separate entities under the existing corporate structure are directed at reducing operating costs, boosting shareholder value, and developing growth of the core baby product market

Applause CEO Solomon Dies (8/1/2004)
Robert G. Solomon, chairman and CEO of Applause LLC died Friday, August 20 from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head

Strange Attraction: The Fascination With Novelty Items (7/1/2004)
Impulsive, quirky, smelly... What compels people to purchase those wacky novelty items?

Lucon Kids is Busy, Busy, Busy (7/1/2004)
Laurie Norton created a product entirely out of a mother’s need

Urban Vinyl Toys from Kidrobot: Pop Art for a New Generation (6/1/2004)
The Urban Vinyl Toy scene has exploded in the U.S. and Kidrobot has been on the cutting edge of a wave that won’t dwindle anytime soon

Film Characters Achieve Immortality Through Licenses (6/1/2004)
If you want to know about some of this year’s hottest new items, just go to the movies

Front Porch Classics: Built To Last (6/1/2004)
Founder of Front Porch Classics, Steve Edmiston, coupled his entrepreneurial talent with his imagination to create games

Electronic Whipper Snappers (6/1/2004)
Children grow up so quickly these days

Construct, Deconstruct and Reconstruct: Building Kits for Everyone (6/1/2004)
There’s no limit to a one’s imagination with some of the newest building kits

Game Systems 101 (5/1/2004)
With last year´s release of the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft´s Xbox entering a market that Sony has dominated since 2000, it can be confusing sorting out the difference between game systems

Portable Amusement (5/1/2004)
Handheld or mini versions of entertainment are becoming increasingly popular in today’s bustling world

Bodydots Add Body Glam (4/1/2004)
Teens, Tweens and fashion-trendy women are adorning themselves with The Original bodydots

No Chalk Required (4/1/2004)
The days of chalking Hopscotch squares on the sidewalk are over

The Amazing Dinosaur Plant: Making Paleontology Fun (4/1/2004)
This low-maintenance plant assists kids of all ages in learning about the ancient world and science in general

Levymann Entertainment Creates From the Heart (4/1/2004)
LevyMann Entertainment is less than two years old, but the company has already formed product agreements

Mental Engineering Reinvents Excitement with SummerSled (4/1/2004)
As an engineer, Matt Walker spends his time figuring out ways to make things work better

Aquapets: The New Goldfish (4/1/2004)
Journeying from the distant AquaPlanet, Aquapets will arrive in America in the fall of 2004

Pretend Play Category Sets New Trends (4/1/2004)
The tendency children have to imitate their older siblings or parents is not a new phenomenon

Spooky Tunes and Grooves (3/1/2004)
The Halloween Fun CD by Kimbo Educational offers musical Halloween safety tips along with poems and spooky sound effects

Kid Inventor Wins Toy Competition (3/1/2004)
Wild Planet Toys hosts an annual competition, allowing kids the opportunity to become the next Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell

We Have a Winner! T.O.T.Y. Awards (2/1/2004)
At the Toy Industry Association’s annual T.O.T.Y. Awards, over 800 representatives attended the ceremony

Polly Pocket Groovy Getaway Jet (2/1/2004)
Polly Pocket jets off in style in her Groovy Getaway Jet...

Fashion Dolls Compete in Popularity Contest (2/1/2004)
Everyone wants to be voted “Most Popular.” Until the 2001 release of the Bratz doll line by MGA Entertainment, Mattel’s Barbie always held this title

Care Bears Bedtime Lullaby Bear (1/1/2004)
Dressed in Care Bears patterned pajamas and a nightcap, Bedtime Bear is ready to help toddlers appreciate bedtime

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home (1/1/2004)
Strawberry Shortcake and your child will want to invite all their friends over to visit the strawberry-scented home...

Barbie B-Creative Education Center (1/1/2004)
Barbie’s B-Creative Education Center is the stylish way to have interactive fun...

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