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April 2004 | Vol. III - No. 4


The Amazing Dinosaur Plant: Making Paleontology Fun

The Amazing Dinosaur Plant ($7.99) rolled onto shelves in the fall of 2003 and this prehistoric plant is already proving to be more educational than most plants could ever hope to be.  DuneCraft Inc.’s Amazing Dinosaur Plant is a low-maintenance plant that assists kids of all ages in learning about the ancient world and science in general.   It appears to be just a dead bulb at first, but place it in a bowl with a lava rock, add water and watch it transform within hours into a lush, deep green plant.

DuneCraft Inc. bases its concept on a historical plant that thrived during the age of Dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Plant once grew to the heights of trees but mutated down to about 4” during the Ice Age. This little plant likes to take long naps and shrinks when it is dry so it can blow like a tumble weed to find water. Once it drinks, the plant will “spring to life” as it re-hydrates itself.

The hydrating qualities of the Amazing Dinosaur Plant are quite phenomenal and have attracted the attention of researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.  As a plant native to Mexico and Texas, the drought resistant genes allow the plant to retain 3% of its moisture when dry.  Its extensive vascular system welcomes water into its system not only through its roots but also through its leaves and stems. 

Building on the popularity of the Amazing Dinosaur Plant, DuneCraft will soon release the Dinosaur Trio, which consists of three plants: one to grow in soil; one in water; and one that changes colors.  The Dinosaur Trio plants grow completely in less than a day. 

As an expert creator of nature and science growing kits, DuneCraft entered the industry with Odd Pods, a kit that sprouts cacti in one week. DuneCraft’s educational growing kits yield quick results, sprouting cacti in one week (as with Odd Pods) or in a matter of hours with the Amazing Dinosaur Plant or Dinosaur Trio.


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