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Articles by Tony Maddela

What Qualifies as a Hobby? (9/1/2004)
What’s a hobby? An easier question is: What isn’t a hobby?

Railroad Fun for Tots (8/1/2004)
Don´t assume that the Brakeman Bills at model train conventions never grew up

Eclectic Collectibles (7/1/2004)
The field of popular collectibles has exploded thanks to auction websites

Action Figures Of Quality Not Quantity (7/1/2004)
Quality is a hallmark of collectible gifts and toys

Today´s Licensed Toys Burn Calories (6/1/2004)
What a blessing it is that today´s animated television and movie characters are just that —highly animated

Sims Start an Art Revolution or Rebellion (5/1/2004)
The question of whether people can be trusted to create normal human beings, instead of ubermensch, may be answered by the parallel society of Sims characters

Finding the Joystick of Youth (5/1/2004)
If I had every quarter I spent on Pac-Man and Asteroids at the pizza parlor down the street, I could wash all the Levi´s in Texas

Digital Labyrinths for Kids (5/1/2004)
Video game developers weave stories through electronic mazes of traps, mutants and lush landscapes...

A Personal Billboard that Can´t Be Ignored (4/1/2004)
Have you ever wanted to warn the driver in the next lane that his headlights are off?

Water Toys Make a Splash in 2004 (4/1/2004)
With 80 percent of the Earth covered in water, the water-toy category is a fertile seabed for invention

Ride-On Toys Make a Speedy Comeback (4/1/2004)
With authentic details and propulsion systems, ride-on toys are making a comeback

Making Geography Fun (3/1/2004)
From Out of the Box comes 10 Days in the USA, a new travel and chance game following up on the success of 10 Days in Africa

Historic Battles Honored in Detailed Military Die-cast (3/1/2004)
War is a thousand stories of courage that converge into a single victory or defeat

Adult Board Games Make A Comeback (3/1/2004)
The latest adult board games reflect a trend toward special occasions and one-time celebrations

Yu Yu Hakusho Forecasted to Dominate U.S. Anime (2/1/2004)
Score Entertainment is beginning to profit from Yu Yu Hakusho on cardboard

Building Sets in Motion (1/1/2004)
Today’s kits do more than stand on their own; they crawl, roll, glow and provide a building stage for creative play...

Radio Control Toys: the Fast and the Curious (1/1/2004)
That rumble you hear at the 2004 Toy Fair is coming from the Radio-Control section...

Kids’ Furniture Gets a New Look (12/1/2003)
The days when bunk beds and NFL sheets were the mainstays of kids’ décor are long gone. Today, companies like Fun Furnishings are giving kids´ furniture an interactive twist

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