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Mystery Box Collectables: Randomized Fun or Familiarizing Gambling Early?

Combining the psychology of gambling with popular intellectual property aimed at children has proven to be a major success for the toy makers. But do these businesses have any responsibility towards solving the issue? After all, for the most part children’s spending comes directly from their parents....READ MORE


Childhood Gambling and the Developing Mind

Combining the psychology of gambling with popular intellectual property aimed at children has proven to be a major success for the toy makers...READ MORE


Playing With Toys: How Much Better is it for Child Development Than Playing With iPad’s?

Experts agree that playing with toys is much better for young child (0 to 5 years of age) development than playing with ipad’s or other forms of electronic media: Free, unstructured play promotes interactions that boost vocabulary, nurture parent-child relationships, and encourage social skills and creativity....READ MORE


Popular Kids Videos September 2020: Super Mario | Ryan Vending | Beach House | Greedy Daddy

Most viewed Toy Related videos: October 2020...READ MORE


Tiny Love Introduces Wonder Buddies, the New Toy Designed to Promote Developmental Growth in Toddler

Wonder Buddies, created by Tiny Love's team of baby development experts, aims to help toddlers' development through interactive play. Designed especially for one-year-olds, the toy is tiny enough to hold in toddlers' hands and is built with interactive sensors that work to develop cognition, creativity, emotion skills and more through two-way communication....READ MORE


Kellogg's® Frosted Mini-Wheats'® First-Ever Board Game Reminds You to Tame 'The Growl

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats' Morning Craze is the first board game designed with cereal-lovers in mind....READ MORE



Choirock Mecard's Victory in Global Patent Disputes against Spin Master

Mecard, which is developed with proprietary technology owned by Korean toy company Choirock Contents Factory Co., Ltd., won a victory in the global patent disputes against Spin Master, Ltd., a Canadian global toy company....READ MORE


Top 10 Board Games for 2020 Holiday Season

With so many different types of board games it can be hard to choose. Do you want a strategy game that will test the player’s ability as a thinker? Do you want a classic, like Monopoly, where the goal is to hoard the most money and property?...READ MORE


Press Release: Mattel Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

Third quarter Net Sales of $1,632 million, up 10% as reported, and up 11% in constant currency, versus prior year. Gross Sales of $1,818 million, up 10% as reported, and up 11% in constant currency. Dolls category Gross Sales up 22% as reported, and up 24% in constant currency; Barbie Gross Sales up 29% as reported, and up 30% in constant currency. Reported Gross Margin of 51.0%, an improvement of 470 basis points; Adjusted Gross Margin of 51.0%, an improvement of 410 basis points. Reported Operating Income of $384.2 million, up 156%; Adjusted Operating Income of $401.3 million, up 131%. Reported Net Income of $316.0 million, up 348%. Adjusted EBITDA of $469.8 million, up 90%....READ MORE


Mattel Opens the Virtual Doors to the “Fisher-Price Toy Museum” to Celebrate the Brand’s 90-Year Le

At the museum, the legacy of Fisher-Price toys will be on full display. In honor of the brand’s anniversary year, the museum will feature more than 90 different exhibits that will be organized by decade, enabling visitors to easily locate the vintage toys from their childhood. The collection will include a variety of classic products creatively presented by artist, set designer, and photographer Leila Fakouri, who focused on keeping the toys as the star of each environment while incorporating dimension and texture to create an authentic museum feel. Exhibits include Snoopy Sniffer, which launched in 1938, and sits atop a fabricated slice of blueberry pie, the iconic Roller Skates, which were first introduced in 1983, and are showcased in a miniature roller-skating rink, and many more....READ MORE

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