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October 2003 | Vol. II - No. 10

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Unique Educational Toys

Today’s newest educational and developmental toys turn playtime into a learning opportunity through games, mazes, puzzles and videos that entertain while helping children improve their cognitive, perceptual, sensory, memory and motor skills.

The Touch

Building a Better Brain

Anthony Innovations
’ newest version of The Touch ($29.99) (ToyShow) challenges players to a test of time and wit while developing fine motor skills, tactile awareness and cognitive memorization. Players race against the clock to match playing cards to detailed game pieces, such as a giraffe, space shuttle, football helmet, etc. to earn points. But there’s a catch – players must reach into a dome and try and find the right game piece using only their hands. The game progresses as each player tries to fill up various categories by collecting and trading pieces. What players don’t realize is that behind all the fun they’re actually building neuro-pathways in the brain while visualizing pieces.

Noah, The Creature Teacher

Timeless Classic Meets Modern Creativity

Inspired by the story of Noah and the Ark, Noah, The Creature Teacher™ by Jazz Toys (ToyShow) is an easy-to-learn game that features a 12-inch long plastic ship, a set of 26 pairs of jungle animals, two wild tokens (Noah and the Dove) and four reference cards. Children take turns asking each other for animals and feel inside the ark for the animal they are trying to pair, which builds tactile recognition. The player with the most pairs wins. Handy reference cards tell how animal names are spelled and alphabetically sorted. The box, directions and reference cards are included in seven languages – creating a unique multicultural product. The game recently hit retail shelves last month with a retail price of $49.95. Seven additional creature sets will be available beginning in winter 2004 with the release of Prehistoric Creatures.

Baby’s First Impressions

Videos Encourage Learning

Designed to help infants and toddlers learn basic concepts like colors, numbers, letters and even languages like Spanish, French or German, Small Fry Productions’ Baby’s First Impressions (ToyShow) video series uses bright colors, upbeat music and familiar objects to encourage learning. Three of their newest videos ($15.95) include Shapes, Colors and Animals.

Spaghetti Legs

Mazes Twist and Twirl Children toward Learning

Known world-wide for creating superior quality bead and wire mazes, Educo’s (ToyShow) three-dimensional mazes help children develop early learning skills while encouraging cooperative play. Their Spaghetti Legs Table ($144) offers floor level play for toddlers while older children can explore the bead and wire maze at tabletop level. Five play wires form a ring around a figure 8, while three wires hide a row of tiny beads that peaks out from inside a nest of colorful wooden rings in Ring Around a Row-sy ($62.99).

Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Little Star ($55) features four brightly colored play wires that reach toward the sky as children turn the handle of the see-through musical element to hear “Twinkle Little Star.” Children can pull the flower puzzle beads apart, zoom them along the wires and hook them back together again.




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