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October 2003 | Vol. II - No. 10

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Skill Toys for Every Season


Play Hard‘s new Flashflight (ToyDirectory) is no ordinary flying disc. With a pulsating red light, the Flashflight is a disc for serious players who crave action night or day. Officially sanctioned by Ultimate Players Association, the Flashflight is a sturdy, water-resistant flying disc that travels equally well in a casual game or in a serious match of Ultimate or Disc Golf. A coin-cell-sized battery powers the heavy-duty disc for up to 120 hours, and the simple construction leaves no exposed wires or circuit boards ($20).

Paddle Effex

Hacky Sack has been a mainstay in low-tech fun for nigh-on 20 years now, and just when you thought no one could improve on the concept of a tiny beanbag kicked around a circle, Captain Smiley Toys (ToyDirectory) has created Paddle Effex ($34), a two-sided paddle allowing one person to loft a sack from one side to the other, catching it gently (“absorbing the sack”) and continuing the toss back and forth. Captain smiley claims it only takes 10-15 minutes of practice to get in the groove, with increased skill allowing for tricks such as passing the sack under your leg, behind your back, adding kicks and stalls, paddle spins, etc. Two or more players can take the game to far-out new levels of fun.

If you think Disc Golf is the sport of drunken frat boys, one visit to Gotta Go, Gotta Throw’s website will change your mind. The company stocks hundreds of discs in specialized sizes and weights (putters and drivers) by Discraft, Innova, Millennium, Lightning, Wham-O, DGA, RDGA and Gateway Disc Sports, as well as baskets made of galvanized or “powdercoated” metal, disc bags and accessories of all kinds. Players can purchase individual discs or “Value Packs” containing putters, drivers, gear bags and markers. Current top-selling discs include the Aerobie Arrow and Epic ($9.95 each) (ToyDirectory) .


Did you know that there’s a 4,000-year-old toy that inspired the yo-yo? Mystik Toys (ToyDirectory) calls it Diabolo (solid colored is $23.95 and the multi-colored version is $29.99), an hour-glass-shaped object that’s balanced on a string between two sticks and can be made to soar in the air like a circus dog.

Handsack/Dance/Whatever Toy

And for the ultimate in low-tech play, the Myachi Handsack/Dance/Whatever Toy ($4.95) (ToyDirectory) can function as a distraction for nervous hands or to improve hand/eye coordination and dexterity.




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