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Customer Service
2012Approaching customers in a "Good" Way
In my role as a retail consultant I’m often asked, "How should I approach a customer?"...   11/1/2012
Retailers: Get Holiday-Ready with Mystery Shoppers
Have you heard of the runaway success of the burger franchise Five Guys? What's one of the big reasons Five Guys is wildly successful? They send mystery shoppers out twice a week to all locations...   10/1/2012
10 Tips: Staffing and Training for the Holidays
The holiday season is make-or-break time for retailers of all sizes. In small stores, having a knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable staff is essential, especially if you want to stand out from the big-box stores...   9/1/2012
Retail Sales: 9 Ways To Improve Your Selling
You’ve probably heard it said of someone, “They could sell (snow, ice, a refrigerator) to an Eskimo,” or something similar to that. But how did they get that way? Is the ability to excel at retail selling an instinctive talent that one has to be born with, that can’t be learned?...   8/1/2012
Retailing Tips: Handling Rowdy Kids
Excited children are an everyday component of operating a specialty toy store, but occasionally a child goes out of control — becoming dangerous to a business and its profit margin...   4/1/2012
Retailers: Increase Sales by Juggling Customers
Slow sales have produced a retail sales force that is used to working with just one person. It’s like a juggler who can only keep one ball in the air. That can cost you sales – big time....   4/1/2012
9 Tips on Selling Through the Snow
Weather can negatively affect retail business in many ways, but snow is especially bad...   1/1/2012
2010Design a Buying Space, Part II: Be Buyer Friendly
Though you may want to cram your store full of wonderful products and ingenious displays, Tom Moseman of Envirosell, Inc. — a company that videotapes shoppers to see what they buy or avoid and why — said customers want to be able to find a product quickly and be on their way...   10/1/2010
Take a Cue: Good Customer Service is Like Billiard
Ever played pool? It starts off with all the balls together, the cue ball comes along to break them up, they scatter and the game commences. That’s what I expect in a retail store...   9/1/2010
Retailing Tips: How and When to Upsell Customers
Specialty toy retailers walk a fine line when it comes to upselling customers....   6/1/2010
2009Retailing Tips: Crushing Competition
About 25 percent of 40 specialty retailers polled by TDmonthly Magazine indicated this fall that the impact of mass-market stores on their business is greater than it was five years ago....   12/1/2009
Retailing Tips: How to Interact With Customers
There is nothing wrong with letting customers browse your store and spend time looking, touching, and playing with the merchandise....   4/1/2009
2008Retailing Tips: Keep Customers’ Spirits Light
Equally as important as the months-ahead preparation for the holiday season is the ability to maintain a positive store spirit throughout the month of December...   12/1/2008
Adding On: Generating Revenue Beyond Toy Sales
The right complementary products and services can generate extra revenue for a store and keep customers returning regularly....   11/1/2008
Retailing Tips: Ordering By Customer Request
Most specialty toy-store owners told TDmonthly Magazine they get requests for items they don’t carry quite often, even daily — but they don’t bring all the toys in....   7/1/2008
How to Sell Without Being a Jerk
Earning respect and earning money are similar, in that everyone loves to have both, yet not everyone is willing to do what is required to earn them. Selling without being a jerk means that you earn both simultaneously......   4/1/2008
Retailing Tips: Handling Rowdy Kids
Excited children are an everyday component of operating a specialty toy store, but occasionally a child goes out of control — becoming dangerous to a business and its profit margin....   4/1/2008
2007Retailing Tips: Create a Profitable Mix
Mixing toys with other merchandise is a method used by several specialty toy-store owners to help increase traffic, customer base and sales, they told TDmonthly Magazine....   12/1/2007
Retailing Tips: How to Minimize Theft
Dealing with theft is a reality of retail. Although most specialty toy-store owners say theft is minimal, any theft is still a loss...   10/1/2007
2006Retailing Tips: TDmonthly's Top Tips
Every month, specialty retailers and industry experts share their problem-solving techniques with TDmonthly Magazine...   10/1/2006
Personalizing the Shopping Experience
It shouldn’t take a new study claiming social isolation to be at an all-time high to remind us that people appreciate a little one-on-one....   8/1/2006
Keeping High-End Doll Sales High-Spirited
What’s the difference between those retailers who fail and those who succeed?...   7/1/2006
Winning the Game
Thinking inside, rather than outside, the (big) box may be counterintuitive, but original problem solving is one reason long-term storeowners heap on the years....   2/1/2006

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