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Card Games--Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! $26 Billion in Sales in North America

Card games have come a long way since Solitaire and the perennial UNO. Card games have struck a chord with consumers and this industry continues to see strong sales gains. The trading card frenzy has revitalized the category.

Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! holds strong with 100% growth and $26 billion in sales in North America, according to Konami’s 2004 Toy and Hobby segment fiscal report, placing it as the number one selling license. Hasbro’s Beyblade follows up as a close second.

Companies continue to enter in this arena with the intent to capitalize on this market and strike while the fire is hot. This is evident with the eclectic array of choices such as Dual Masters and Bratz Fashion Party Forever Card Game.

Earlier this year even saw the launch of the American Idol card game. Here are a few more up and coming choices to bring hours of entertainment and family enjoyment.

Keep the chaos high with Perpetual Commotion by Goldbrick Games (Gift Guide). Players must stay on their toes as they attempt to be the first to empty their own feeders pile. The action is constant, the game is addictive and fast hands rule! It’s a card-slapping good time where even a second delay can rule you out!

Everyone can get in on the action of Zing it! by NJoyful Games (Gift Guide). Accommodating up to eight players at a time, this ludicrous card game is filled with zany rules making things unpredictable, keeping the laughter loud and the pace swift as players whine, cry and crack up! Outbid, outplay and out think other players to win in this emotionally charged game!

Annihilate opponents in a head-to-head competition playing Battelz! Illektron’s (Gift Guide) latest game combines strategy, chance and skill to knock out opponents. Two Player training kits are available now featuring The Infamous Doom RED and BLUE. Expansion sets include a host of exciting new characters and special moves with rules evolving for advanced levels of play. Fun for everyone!

Stud or Dud? This card game by What a Joy Creations (Gift Guide) is for girls ages 12 and up. It may be played with a group or alone. Pick four real life studs to represent the four studs and begin asking all those questions you´ve been wanting to ask......Who is the most romantic? Who likes me the most? Who is the best kisser? After all your questions have been asked, evaluate your life with each stud and find out who you´ll marry! A Stud or a Dud?

Truth? or Fib? by Morning Star Games (Gift Guide) is the ultimate storytelling game! Players compete to be the first to win 21 token points by correctly guessing when players are telling the TRUTH or a FIB and by fooling players with their own stories. This award-winning game has over 600 questions, tin shaker, die, timer, 100 tokens and comes packaged in a collectible tin lunchbox.

State Debate from Funaddicts (Gift Guide) is a card game about the states. But don’t let the name fool you, there’s more! The book that comes with the 50 fact-filled state cards has instructions and rules for 49 MORE games!!! State Debate makes a great family home or travel game, plus it works perfectly in a classroom setting too.

Head down memory lane with Fisher-Price Classic Card Games from Sababa Toys (Gift Guide). Paying tribute to some of the most well known Fisher-Price toys are three classic card games: Go Fish, Old Maid and Crazy Eights. Packaged in collectible tins, these delightful versions of children’s favorite card games feature bright, colorful images of toy icons. Adults will remember and kids will fall in love with the Fisher-Price classics highlighted.


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