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December 2004 | Vol. III - No. 12


Magic Sets Overview

The wonderful thing about magic is that for every generation of children, the mystery remains intact. Magic makers know that top sellers of older generations, with a little repackaging, can still make a hit with newer audiences, as long as they keep the instructions easy to follow (Product Summary: Easy to Learn Magic Sets). For this reason, while movies like Harry Potter remind young and old alike that magic lives on, they don’t demand that manufacturers try to devise complicated new tricks or that retailers completely restock their shelves each year with new merchandise (Magic Sets: They Appeal Because “It’s Magic”).

In fact, on Nov. 15, TDmonthly staff conducted a brief interview of retailers and found that many have had problems moving their Harry Potter products. Still, that doesn´t mean the toy category hasn´t benefited from the attention garnered from the film’s release.

In other words, though magic sets for more advanced age groups do require more complex tricks be devised for a niche audience, for the younger generation, classic kits are a safe bet and round out any child’s toy collection. They can even aid in building their self-confidence (It´s No Trick: The Power of Magic). In addition, as Las Vegas continues to draw visitors in record numbers, the big ticket magic acts that play there rekindle amateur interest in try-it-at-home kits (Magic: These Tricks Are For Kids).

This month, TDmonthly spotlights some of the classic magic makers that continue to deliver quality goods along with fresh new tricks in the trade. With a look at a successful retailer, Paul Daniels Magic, (Paul Daniels Magic: Store of Illusions) in our Retailer Spotlight section and an innovative manufacturer, Marvin’s Magic, (Marvin´s Magic: Treasure For Wizards of All Ages), TDmonthly takes a look at both sides of the magic market and most of what lies in between.


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