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Outdoor Fun--Sales of $2.4 Billion

With sales of $2.4 billion last year reported by NPD group and this year’s launch of the first annual American International Outdoor Fun Showcase (formerly the American International Outdoor Toy Show), outdoor toys show promise of continued growth.

This category was witness to some exciting options for the youth market as Bounce Round by Spin Master Ltd., took top honors as toy of the year by the Toy Industry Association.

A recent trend towards reconnecting parent-child play, coupled with the U.S. Department of Health report on the alarming rate of obesity in children shows a steadily increase in the return to good old fashion outdoor fun.

Some toys already prove to be the perfect mix of outdoor excitement and exercise. Wet, wild and fun, The AquaSkipper by Inventist, Inc. (Gift Guide), combines innovative technology with ease of use, making it appropriate for the whole family. Propelling forward on the water by hopping up and down, this water recreation fun toy can strike a chord with health conscious consumers. Simple to assemble, easy to use, The AquaSkipper is exercise fun.

Paddle Effex by Captain Smiley Toys (Gift Guide) proves that thinking and physical challenge is a recipe for fun. Tossing a footbag (hacky sack) around and catching it with a paddle helps build hand and eye coordination and quick movements. From children to adults, as well as parents seeking to incorporated exercise into their child’s play, none will be disappointed with the versatility of Paddle Effex products offering solo, one-on-one and family team enjoyment.


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