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February 2004 | Vol. III - No. 2


Bandai Plans New Collectible Cards and Miniatures

Bandai has announced plans to enter the collectible card and miniatures game markets by June 2004.

Bandai’s first foray into the collectible card game market came in December with the debut of its Superior Defender ("SD") toy line based on the Cartoon Network animated series. In June, the company plans to offer two other card games based on popular animé properties Gundam and Digimon, as well as its first collectible miniatures game: Navia Drapt. The game combines elements of chess with a dial system for configuring strengths and values to miniature figures.

Games will include starter sets and different booster packs, as is customary with other collectible card games, but Bandai has created a new design team to ensure fresh gaming experiences rather than simply changing the graphics. Trading cards based on the Power Rangers are also planned—the first cards to be based on the series since its debut a decade ago.


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