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February 2004 | Vol. III - No. 2


New Game lets Players “Argue” for Fun

Created by long-time friends Richard Halpern and Eric White, Argue ($29.99), the game, was created from an argument over the merits of skiing vs. snowboarding. “Eric would claim that snowboarding looks cooler than skiing. I countered that skiing equals speed, that a speeding skier looks cooler than a snowboarder who keeps falling on their butt. We bickered back and forth like Seinfeld and Costanza. Then we thought, hey, this is entertaining; let’s turn this into a game.”

Player Assignment Cards determine which topic players will argue—no matter if you don´t happen to agree with the side your taking. Topics include: “Who would win a fight, Mary Poppins or Judge Judy?” “Distraction Cards” add a handicap such as “arguing while smelling your left shoe,” and “arguing while jumping up and down for 10 seconds.” Non-arguing players vote on who argued best, with the high scorer winning.

Each game contains 200 Argue Topic Cards, 100 Distraction Cards, 20 Player Assignment Cards, 20 Advocate/Devil´s Advocate Cards, 20 Player Voting Cards, 200 Point Cards and Game Timer. For 3-10 Adult players.

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