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September 2004 | Vol. III - No. 9


TDmonthly´s Top 10 Most Wanted - Dolls for Tweens for the Holiday Season

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Straight from the runway…manufacturers have stepped it up a notch this retail season making tween girls more fashion conscious, technology savvy, and realistic then in years past. This age group is big business, with an estimated worth of $4.2 billion according to a 2003 NPD survey. Bratz and My Scene are predicted to stay on top, but movie tie-ins, product placement and new lines will keep this market on the cutting edge.

1. Bratz: Tokyo a Go Go ($24.99, 6+) by MGA Entertainment

The newest international Bratz have taken off in style with a cyber-pet and electronic accessory.

  • According to retailers surveyed, Bratz are still dominating the marketplace.
  • Bratz was the #3 most-searched doll in the last month on Lycos 50.
  • They have a video out in August called “Starin and Stylin.”

2. I Message Girl (19.99, ages 5+) by Mattel

Barbie is keeping up with technology savvy tweens by texting. Each hipster has two cell phones sending and receiving messages.

  • The technology aspect makes her relevant to tweens.
  • NPD Group ranks Barbie in the top 5 doll toy properties for tweens.
  • Barbie has 7 weeks on Lycos top 50 and was the #1 most-searched doll last month.

3. Only Hearts Club: Fashion Dolls ($15.00, Age 6+) by Creative Stuff

These 9” poseable stuffed dolls are the hottest item in boutiques across the country. The six friends with standout eyes and life-like characteristics are a wholesome alternative.

  • Boutique toy stores surveyed rate them as #1.
  • They will be at 1000 retailers by the end of August.
  • Creative Kids Stuff sold out instantly twice.

4. Cali Girl So Excellent Earrings ($14.99, ages 5+) by Mattel

Fresh off the beach, tweens love these sun-kissed trendsetters with 16 pairs of earrings.

  • NPD survey in May 2004 ranked Barbie #1 toy with kids ages 5-12.
  • Two Cali ’s are listed as bestsellers on Barbie’s website and its a retail favorite.
  • Barbie is listed on e-bay and yahoo’s top toy searches.

5. My Scene: Masquerade Madness ($19.99, ages 5+) by Mattel

This 12” edgier version of Barbie dressed in costume comes with a 44 minute DVD.

  • My Scene is a currently top seller for
  • NPD Group, ranks her in the top 5 doll toy properties for tweens.
  • is currently the #4 Website for girls according to Media Matrix.

6. Hello Kitty and Accessory Set ($7.99, Ages 4+) Bandai

This 2” mini keeps up with the latest styles in snap-on fashions and accessories.

  • Hello Kitty is rated the highest among girls 8-12 surveyed.
  • Rated #5 most-search dolls in the last month on Lycos 50.
  • Multiple sources ranked it a consistent favorite for the age.

7. American Girl Collection: Nellie ($84.00) by American Girl, LLC

Heads up tween collectors, there is a new addition to your favorite line.

  • She will be featured in a live made for TV movie in November on the WB.
  • NPD Group ranks American Girls in the top 5 doll toy properties for tweens.
  •, receives an average of 1.3 million visitors per month.

8. My Scene: Shopping Spree (19.99, ages 5+) by Mattel

This is a must have for all the die-hard shoppers in training.

  • They debuted complete with shoes from Aldo, jeans from Levi and makeup from Sephora.
  • NPD predicted My Scene to be hot for 2004.
  • Trends, styles, colors and shopping are top teen interests.

9. Shorties: Fashion Minis ($4.99, 6+) by Mattel

Pop off her head and change the look from day to night.

  • Mini dolls were very popular with girls 7-10 surveyed.
  • Everything is going mini, first iPods and dogs, now dolls.
  • Out of all the mini lines, this one is geared for 7-10 year olds.

10. Bratz: Flashback Fever ($24.99) by MGA Entertainment

It looks like these girls will ride the wave from Sun Kissed Summer right into the 70’s disco era.

  • NPD Group ranks Bratz #1 in the top 5 doll toy properties for tweens.
  • Bratz appeared on a significant number of top 10 toy lists.
  • Bratz are currently a top seller for

*11. Bonus: I-Girl Hotties by Lanard.

  • These “international” hipsters jet to global hotspots in stylish clothes and fabulous accessories.

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