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Articles by Marie Rossiter

Preschool Roundtable: Traditional Hits the Mark (7/1/2006)
Stacking blocks and tying shoes caught on with New England-based kids, teachers and parents.

Preschoolers Rate Toys (7/1/2006)
This month, four families and three preschool classrooms evaluated three new toys.

Preschool Roundtable: Preschoolers Love to Picnic (5/1/2006)
Preschoolers tested Huggy Buggy Monster Truck by Hooray!, The Picnic Game by eeBoo Corp. and Crunch Art by HandsOn Toys Inc. this month.

En Route to Building a Better Brain (5/1/2006)
Both portable and enjoyable, multimedia products for kids on the go are emerging as family favorites.

Preschoolers Rate Toys (5/1/2006)
This month, four families and three preschool classrooms evaluated three new toys.

Sudoku Renews Activity Book Interest (4/1/2006)
Puzzle and activity books are incredibly popular right now.

Animaland Sees Growth Through Simplicity (1/1/2006)
Stuart Scheinman, president of Animaland, allows potential business owners the opportunity to get into the market by creating a portable, animal-stuffing kiosk that makes the business more accessible.

It´s All in the Name (11/1/2005)
What’s in a name? Ask designers and retailers of personalized baby and children’s gifts and they’ll tell you that the name is the game to get into.

Boys Are Creative, Too! (10/1/2005)
No longer are crafts just for girls. People in both established toy and craft companies are brainstorming ideas that will tap into the creative side of boys’ minds. To lure them in, crafts glow in the dark and deal with insects, monsters and dinosaurs.

“I Gotta Have It! Don’t I?” — Shopping 101 (7/1/2005)
According to numerous studies on consumer shopping habits, two major influences determine the likelihood of impulse purchases: emotions and environment.

Science + Fun = Great Chemistry! (6/1/2005)
Starting in 2007, national science competancy tests will be administered across grades three through eight for the first time.

Christmas for Collectors: Special Holiday Dolls and Plush (6/1/2005)
Christmas versions of dolls and collectibles are on their way for the holiday season.

Play Imitates Life: War Genre Video Games (5/1/2005)
Video games have often been deemed an "escape" from daily life. However, some game developers in the industry have been saying that perhaps these games are not always a means of running from reality but, rather, dealing with it.

Simple, Interactive Creativity—To Go! (5/1/2005)
As warm weather lures families back out on the road, mom and dad will want to find ways to help pass the time for their children during travels.

Traditional Terror Time This Halloween (3/1/2005)
There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned scare. In recent years, many have felt the more realistic and gory, the better. Yet, as people recall simpler and less offensive times, this year’s Halloween fare will lean toward finding the fun in fright.

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