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Articles by Susan Maddela

Storyopolis Turns Shopping for Books Into an Art (1/1/2006)
Storyopolis, according to the store's owner, is the original children’s art dealer and editorial gallery for the world.

Picky Eaters? No Problem! (3/1/2005)
As pretend play food products become more unique than ever before, picky eaters may be a thing of the past - at least during play time.

Baby’s First Pals: Licensing Trends for Infants and Toddlers (1/1/2005)
New vast and varied licensed products will please just about any baby or toddler. The following innovative toys are designed to stimulate the senses.

Science and Nature: Not Just For Geeks (12/1/2004)
For the child or teen that loves an intellectual challenge, many Toy and Hobby manufacturers have created products that will challenge and entertain the science-oriented young mind

Bells and Whistles: Musical Toys for Infants and Toddlers (11/1/2004)
Music comes in many shapes and forms, and thank goodness it does! From plush toys that play traditional music to interactive DVDs, the musical toys on the market with have infants and toddlers singing and dancing with delight!

Furniture for the Little Princess in your Customer´s Life (10/1/2004)
From bedroom sets for your tween or a pretty bassinet for your newborn daughter, there is a piece a furniture that suits her bedroom, playroom, personality and style. As your little girl grows, so does her need for furniture, and the following are a few items to help her along the way

Baby Dolls for Baby Girls (9/1/2004)
Some of the newest dolls will inspire imagination in young minds and can also become sweet play pals for any girl.

Batteries Not Included – And Not Needed!: Wooden Toys That Stand the Test of Time (8/1/2004)
Not all the great new toys out there have flashy lights, electronic sounds, or synthetic materials

A Wealth of Information and Entertainment for Infants and Preschoolers (7/1/2004)
There are a lot of creative products in the infant/preschool media sector

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Fun? (6/1/2004)
The latest crop of educational products for pre-school-age children varies greatly

Entertaining and Safe - The Latest in Infant Travel Toys (5/1/2004)
When travelers quip that getting there is half the fun, they probably have not traveled before with an infant

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