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1.Tencent follows Sun Tzu and his Art of War is their bible
There are two retailers that clearly dominate the video game space –Tencent and GameStop...


2.Q & A With Shay Chen, founder and CEO of Painting Lulu
As the world becomes more and more digital, toymakers are finding integrative ways to involve their products in the realms of both the physical and the virtual...


3.Interview with Carly Gloge, CEO of Ubooly
Ubooly was just acquired by Cartwheel Kids, but before it achieved success in the marketplace, it was just an idea...


4.TDmonthly 2014 Top Toy Debut Award Winners: Electronics
The following outstanding toys have been nominated for Top Toy Debut Awards based on editorial review and retailer feedback...


5.Leapfrog – The Saga Continues
LeapFrog has indeed turned a corner, but challenges continue to persist...


6.New Emphasis on Tech Toys Helps Classic Companies Stay Relevant
It is well known that the use of computers, smartphones, and tablets is on the rise among kids (according to the NPD Group, more than half of kids ages 2-14 are using some kind of smart device at home). With that in mind, this August classic toy company Lionel (maker of Lionel Trains) rolled out an iPad game called "Lionel Battle Train."...


7.Over Half of Children Now Using Smart Devices
According to Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play, the latest report from global information company, The NPD Group, 79 percent of parents with children ages 2 - 14 report that they or their children own some type of mobile device, such as a traditional cell phone, smartphone, or tablet; up from 63 percent last year...


8.Q & A: Global Game Changers
Jan and Rachel Helson are a mother-daughter team on a mission: they want to "Ignite Good" in kids from a young age...


9.Q&A With CEO of Kent Displays/Improv Electronics
Dr. Albert Green, CEO of Kent Displays/Improv Electronics, spoke with TDmonthly Magazine about their product, the Boogie Board LCD eWriter. This year specialty retailers have named the Boogie Board a Top-10 Most-Wanted Tween Product, Top-10 Most-Wanted Novelty Toy, and a Top-10 Most-Wanted Travel Toy...


10.Q&A With Dax Logue, Creator of Sqwishland LLC
Entering or leaving a toy store can provide an unbearable temptation for children - there, at the entrance, several small machines dispense candy, stickers, and even small toys, all at kid-friendly prices...


11.Tech Toys from 2012 New York International Toy Fair
The Toy Industry Association has declared 2012 the year of the AppCessory, and TDmonthly Magazine's reporters saw no shortage of app-based and tech toys at the 2012 New York International Toy Fair...


12.Q&A With Bonnie Morantz, President and Co-founder of Number Effect Inc
Bonnie Morantz, co-founder of Number Effect Inc, talks about launching the online/collectible tween brand BunkiMunki, overcoming the odds as a woman in business, and the market research that went into creating the new product...


13.Q&A With Ross Richardson, Founder of Worx Toys
Ross Richardson, the founder of Worx Toys Inc., tells us how his own son’s curiosity inspired the creation of the company...


14.How to Spot a Bully
All of us who are parents believe that our child, who is sweet and lovable at home, behaves and shows the utmost respect while at school...


15.Hottest High-Tech Holiday Toys
Don't believe Santa's elves can turn out a decent laptop? Want to give your kid a toy that's actually playable?...


16.Virtual Playgrounds See Gradual Decline
About a year ago, I wrote an article in the UK Toy News Magazine that said that there were really only five virtual playgrounds worth talking about – Mattel’s Barbie Girls, Ganz’s Webkinz, Disney’s Club Penguin (toy license: Jakks Pacific), Neopets (toy license: Jakks Pacific) and Russ Berrie’s Shining Stars...


17.OnLive Threatens Video Gaming As We Know It
After a stellar 2008, the video game market is entering choppy waters. January and February were still decent, according to the numbers, but the advent of OnLive and the expansion of used-game sellers are likely to shake up sales in the near future...


18.Innovations of 2009
In the January issue of TDmonthly Magazine, check in to see which toys will be turning heads throughout 2009...


19.Webkinz Chicken “Coming Home to Roost”
I have a lot of friends among small toy retailers. I sold to them when I ran a toy company in the late ‘90s, and always felt that many large manufacturers were taking advantage of them just because they were small...


20.Webkinz Speaks
At Toy Fair 2008, George Kacic, vice president of sales and marketing for Ganz, said he felt TDmonthly Magazine hadn’t covered his company’s point of view about the Webkinz shortage last year...


21.Webkinz Get Sued!
Dec. 11, 2007 — From the "could it get any worse" department comes the news that toy-store owners are suing Ganz, Ganz may be returning the favor, Wal-Mart is...


22.Tweens: Living a Virtual Life
Going virtual with a marketing campaign makes sense (and cents) for companies today, according to COO Jay Goss of tween/teen virtual world Whyville...


23.Micro Blow Revitalizes Plush
The introduction of first-generation motion-sensing toys more than 10 years ago created market demand for more intelligent, less expensive and easier-to-operate animated products...


24.Exercise: The Latest Addition to Game Time
The industry is delivering on a demand for more exercise with several different types of indoor activity games...


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