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April 2007 | Vol. VI - No. 4


Cool Toy VIDEOS From Pomona

Didn't Fly West? See What You Missed

The TDmonthly Magazine video crew moseyed out to Pomona to capture manufacturers demonstrating their new toys at the annual WTHRA show. We saw everything from cute, ghoulish plush to a mathematics card game to an animated program from former Disney artists that teaches kids to be creative.

Now you can watch, too: Just click on the manufacturer's name.

NOTE: If a video stutters or stalls, click again on the "Watch Video" link; it may take a couple of clicks before the video uploads completely the first time.

Manufacturers: Find out how a TDmonthly Video attracts buyers. Videography and editing by Alison Marek.

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4J Enterprises Scum, the Card Game demonstrated by Kevin and Brent Johnson (3/22/07) Watch Video
10 Ball Inc. Various Exercise Balls (3/22/07) Watch Video
Automoblox Automoblox Minis demonstrated by Joe Barrett (3/22/07) Watch Video
Bazoongi Kids Garden House demonstrated by Bob Muniz (3/22/07) Watch Video
Bead Bazaar/Kid Journeys Teeny Medley and Bead Bags demonstrated by Shanna Denhuup (3/22/07) Watch Video
BiGA Games BiGA demonstrated by Igor Belykh (3/22/07) Watch Video
Bleeding Edge Rebecca's Realm Plush and Accessories demonstrated by Steve Varner (3/15/07) Watch Video
Blue Orange Froggy Boogie demonstrated by Adeline Bertrix (3/22/07) Watch Video
Bright Products Freaks of Nature demonstrated by Julio Plutt (3/22/07) Watch Video
C & N Productions Pedal Cars demonstrated by Carl Kriewall (3/15/07) Watch Video
California Creations Flingshot Monkey and Pig demonstrated by David Fisher (3/22/07) Watch Video
Charisma Penny Brite Reproduction Doll (3/22/07) Watch Video
CMR Enterprises Choreminder demonstrated by Amber Davis (3/28/07) Watch Video
Corolle Pink Melody Plush Doll demonstrated by Linda Breller (3/22/07) Watch Video
U.S. Games Systems
Ball of Whacks demonstrated by Kathryn Cooper (3/22/07) Watch Video
Diggin Flik Stix demonstrated by Jenny Stern (3/22/07) Watch Video
DuneCraft Rock Garden demonstrated by Marc Buholzer (3/15/07) Watch Video
Enchantmints Carousel Music Box demonstrated by Bob Soriano (3/15/07) Watch Video
Europlay Kathe Kruse - KeeKoo Doll demonstrated by Rex Tompkins (3/15/07) Watch Video
Faber-Castell Foam Craft Workshop demonstrated by Marcia Harris (3/22/07) Watch Video
Fliptomania Flipbook Kits demonstrated by Mark Weissberg (3/22/07) Watch Video
Fulanitos Ciela Plush Doll demonstrated by Albert Rose (3/22/07) Watch Video
Funrise FanYang Gazillion Incredible Double Wand demonstrated by Steve Starobinsky (3/22/07) Watch Video
GeeGuides geeART16 Interactive Art Education demonstrated by Wayne Sabbak (3/22/07) Watch Video
Geyser Guys Geyser Gusher, Geyser Flyer and Geyser Balls demonstrated by James Petrone (3/15/07) Watch Video
Guidecraft Major League Baseball Furniture demonstrated by Ira Kizner (3/15/07) Watch Video
Gund Plush Toys (3/22/07) Watch Video
HaPe Anamalz demonstrated by Cassidy Smith (3/22/07) Watch Video
Heros Train Table demonstrated by Marilyn Chalais (3/22/07) Watch Video
Hog Wild Temperature-Sensitive Faucet Light demonstrated by Owen Holder (3/22/07) Watch Video
Illumination Arts Magic Whisper Pillow/MP3-Player demonstrated by Adria Manary (3/22/07) Watch Video
Karmel Games Equalz demonstrated by Dennis Klein (3/15/07) Watch Video
Kelmar Games Tricky Town demonstrated by Fernando Cipullo (3/15/07) Watch Video
KidKraft Harley Davidson Rocker demonstrated by Elise Chetzron (3/22/07) Watch Video
Lisa LeLeu Playhouse Theater demonstrated by Dwanye Mosco (3/15/07) NOTE: Video depicts mock-up of product, not actual product. Watch Video
Little Adventures Costumes for Boys demonstrated by Heather Granata (3/15/07) Watch Video
Magnum Enterprises
Magnum 45 Wooden Pistol demonstrated by Dan Smith (3/15/07) Watch Video
MegaChess Chess Bears demonstrated by William Palos (3/22/07) Watch Video
Mindtwister Pentago (3/22/07) Watch Video
Myrtlewood Stable Bendable Horses demonstrated by Rob Bobinsky (3/22/07) Watch Video
Neat-Oh! ZipBin Train demonstrated by Zaida Rendan (3/15/07) Watch Video
OgoSport OgoSport demonstrated by Rick Goodwin (3/15/07) Watch Video
Only Hearts Club New Dolls, Horses and Stable demonstrated by Terri Maccarrone (3/15/07) Watch Video
Pacific Play Tents One-Touch Play Tent demonstrated by Maria Morales (3/22/07) Watch Video
Peak-a-Boo Stuff Peek-a-Boo Bag demonstrated by Marcella Shumway (3/15/07) Watch Video
Peg Perego Vespa Ride-on demonstrated by Dennis Dilman (3/22/07) Watch Video
Pinx Masquerade - Card and Mask in one! demonstrated by Ricky Goodman (3/22/07) Watch Video
Plasmart Phlying Fish demonstrated by Tim Kimber (3/15/07) Watch Video
Playground Enterprises Danny First - Pirate Play Set demonstrated by Jeff Alward (3/22/07) Watch Video
Puzzled Glow in the Dark Dino 3-D Puzzles demonstrated by Guy Cohen (3/22/07) Watch Video
Q-BA-MAZE Inc. Q-BA-MAZE demonstrated by Andrew Comfort (3/22/07) Watch Video
Safari Porcelain Pals demonstrated by Lisseet Paez (3/22/07) Watch Video
Spin Master Toys
Moon Sand (3/22/07) Watch Video
Stack & Stick Stack & Stick demonstrated by Andrew Peters (3/15/07) Watch Video
Teddy Bear Stuffers Stuffing Machine demonstrated by Stan and Annette Block (3/15/07) Watch Video
The Doll Case Company Ball-Jointed Doll Case demonstrated by Linda Sawyer (3/15/07) Watch Video
The Little Little Little Toy Company Wooden Trains demonstrated by Peter Reynolds (3/15/07) Watch Video
ThinkFun Cover Your Tracks demonstrated by Chuck Barrow (3/15/07) Watch Video
Uberstix UberBots demonstrated by Dane Scarborough (3/15/07) Watch Video
Wiggity Bang Games Quelf demonstrated by Matthew Rivaldi (3/22/07) Watch Video
Wood Expressions Spectrum - Color Sudoku demonstrated by Ron Reyes (3/22/07) Watch Video
World of Miniature Bears 1-Inch Ultra Suede Jointed Bears demonstrated by Chris Nimeth (3/22/07) Watch Video

Alison MarekWriter's Bio: ALISON MAREK is an award-winning writer, director and cartoonist whose work has been published by Fairchild Publications and DC Comics (Piranha Press), broadcast on Showtime and other cable networks, and viewed worldwide in film festivals. See her short films and print work on Watch her nefarious villains in the web series Get inspired by her cartoons "Daily ARFFirmations to Unleash Your Inner Fido" at Phew! And then ...  Read more articles by this author


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