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A Claymation Tale To Remember


Central Park Media is unleashing a children’s character who’s guaranteed to leave an indelible mark, in Doggy Poo. Based on a best-selling book by Jung-Saeng Kwon, the most famous children’s author in Korea, it relates the heartwarming adventures of a lovable piece of poo on the road to self-discovery. The award-wining claymation tale will help kids discover that “sometimes dreams really do come true.” Doggy Poo is released in two versions: a DVD packed with bonus programming ($19.99) and a Collector’s Series version, which contains an original, limited-edition CD soundtrack ($24.99).


Arcade Gamer Plays to Win


Central Park Media is releasing the Arcade Game Fubuki Collector’s Series DVD ($29.99) in March. The series is based on Fubuki, a girl with special super-powers whose only goal in life is to be the best at arcade games. When an evil organization steals her powers to gain world domination, she and her friends must battle the wackiest bunch of video game villains. Also to be released are two action-packed adventures, Birdy The Mighty: Double Trouble and Cyber City: Time Bomb ($19.99 each). In the live action thriller, Zero Woman: Dangerous Game ($29.99), terror strikes at the heart of Tokyo. All DVD’s have audio tracks in English and Japanese with English subtitles.


DVD Lets Kids Win Better Manners

Thinkeroo (ToyDirectory) gives parents a helping hand with their new DVD, Look Mom! I have Good Manners ($14.95 ages 5 and up).  Available as a 30-minute DVD or VHS, Look Mom! is presented in a game show format with multiple choice questions broken down into five categories: Mealtime Manners, Playtime Manners, Telephone Manners, School Manners and Healthy Manners.  “Sponsors” present additional lessons, such as when to send a thank you note and how to show respect as a guest in someone’s home.


New Video/DVD Gets Kids Off the Couch

Children are spending more time than ever in front of the television and on the couch, causing a nation-wide juvenile obesity problem. A new VHS/DVD series from Avid Ideas offers an ideal solution, providing innovative and fun ideas to get kids moving. Toucanz Trail Obstacle Adventure, recommended for ages 5-10, encourages physical activity, improves skills, and helps build a sense of confidence. Upbeat instructors Kendra and D.C. lead children through an imaginary obstacle course that includes rope climbing, log and tire hopping, tube crawling and a series of other engaging activities. A bonus section teaches kids how to use materials around the house to create their own obstacle course outdoors. 

Dentist Trip Fears Assuaged With Educational DVD

For young children, a trip to the dentist can cause fear and anxiety. A new DVD from Boggle-Goggle Enterprises, Pinatta´s View: A Trip to the Dentist, aims to help ease those fears. Conceived by actress-mom Claudia Miller-Snyder, the DVD helps children ages 2-6 practice and prepare for their first dental checkup with a series of catchy original music, engaging puppets and a kid´s-eye perspective. The DVD features a real-life visit to a dentist and hygienist, send through fun "Boggle-Goggle" glasses provided by colorful host Pinatta.

The Newest Generation of Transformers Come to Life in Two New DVD Volumes

Rhino Home Video (ToyDirectory) is scheduled to launch two Transformers Armada DVD’s in February. Each Volume contains four episodes from the hit series airing daily on the Cartoon Network. Best Battles features the greatest battles of the Transformers from the Armada series; Flashbacks delves into the history of the Transformers.  

Central Park Media Releases New Anime DVD’s

Central Park Media is releasing twelve anime DVDs, including Ayane’s High Kick, Genocyber: The Collection, Labyrinth of Flames, Legend of Lemnear, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, and Sprite: Between Two Worlds. This collection of titles feature a variety of genres from some of the best-known names in Japanese animation including Rintaro, Katsuhiro Otomo, and CLAMP.

They have also announced the release of Alien Nine: Emulators available February 4, 2004 and Just A Girl Book: 1 available February 11, 2004. Alien Nine: Emulators is a brand new chapter in the series that has captured manga fans with its bizarre premise, bold character designs, and unpredictable plot. Shoujo maven Tomoko Taniguchi’s art and story telling convey human emotion, beauty, and warmth. Her most recent work, Just A Girl Book: 1, is no exception.

 Lucado’s Best-Selling Children’s Book Becomes Video/DVD

Max Lucado’s best-selling Wemmicks series has found a new home in Tommy Nelson. The latest video/DVD release and the first in the series for Nelson is If Only I Had A Green Nose. Also a best-selling book from Crossway Publishers, the If Only I Had A Green Nose video/DVD features Punchinello falling victim to the latest fad in the wooden world as he tries to fit in. The Wemmicks series of books and videos has sold over 2.3 million copies since 1997. You Are Special and You Are Mine are the best-selling flagships of the line that feature Wemmicks adventures that teach moral lessons.

 The Animal Band DVD/VHS Hits Shelves

They’ve performed at the White House, had their own PBS special and sold out the Grand Ole Opry five years in a row.  Now, kids can enjoy The Animal Band live in a 45-minute concert film on DVD/VHS produced by Animal Band Ent. Co., (ToyDirectory) featuring state-of-the-art special effects and digital animations.  Special features include an additional song, a photo gallery and coloring pages.


Here Comes Amazing Heroes

From one of the creators of the "Homer´s Workshop" and the "There Goes A..." video series comes a new live action series on DVD and VHS called Amazing Heroes distributed by First Look Home Entertainment. These programs take children with firefighters, police officers, rescue workers to see how they save lives, work and live as amazing heroes in the community. The first three titles produced by Dream Big Productions will be joined later in 2004 by additional adventures that include airline pilots, astronauts and military heroes.

Gordon Gets His Own Show

One of Thomas the Tank Engine’s fastest and most powerful friends is the star of Best of Gordon, the newest Thomas & Friends™ direct-to-video and DVD release from Anchor Bay Entertainment (ToyDirectory).  This new Best of Gordon collector’s edition features everyone’s favorite express engine Gordon and his friends in nine captivating adventures with storytellers Alec Baldwin and George Carlin. In Best of Gordon, fans will discover the mystery of Gordon’s gremlin, see how Gordon helps Thomas out of a “sticky situation,” and learn that sometimes even the strongest engines needs a little help from their friends.  Produced by HIT Entertainment, Best of Gordon is recommended for ages 2-6. 

Wholesome Fun for the Pre-Teen Set

Parents need no longer fret over what videos or DVD´s to rent for their pre-teen daughters. Blue Skies Productions has solved that problem with the release of their new direct-to-video and DVD series, MYBFF (My Best Friend Forever), which celebrates the fun and special bonds between best friends. Best Ever Sleepover!, the initial title in the launch, will surely have pre-teen girls embracing its fun activities and simple messages about friendship. After watching the video, they´ll be eager to try out for themselves the fun games, tricks and recipes with their own best friends. The video includes a "How-To Guide" filled with step-by-step instructions and lists of supplies needed for each activity.

All By Myself Inc. Encourages Kids To Do Things By Themselves With Video Series

All By Myself: Taking Care of My Pet is the newest title in the All By Myself video series created by three moms from Silicon Valley.  Winner of two major awards from Dr. Toy, the video was named one of the “Top 100 Best Children’s Products for 2003” and one of the “Top Ten Socially Responsible Products” of the year from the highly esteemed, San Francisco based organization.

Designed to encourage kids to do things by themselves and have fun in the process, All By Myself videos lead younger children into an amazing world of independence and self-discovery.  Recommended for ages 2-6, the 30-minute All By Myself: Taking Care of My Pet, is available on video now for a suggested retail price of $14.95. 

All Manga, All the Time

From Osamu Tezuka, the late “god of manga” and creator of Metropolis and Astroboy,  comes the mysterious Black Jack: Infection, released on DVD by Central Park Media on February 10, 2004. At the same time, Central Park Media also brings even more mystery and supernatural action to DVD with Spirit Warrior: Festival of the Ogres Revival, Legend of the Dragon Kings: White Dragon, and Beautiful Target.

All DVDs have a street date of February 10, 2004 and will have audio tracks in English & Japanese with English subtitles.



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